Poland Equip Rosomak IFVs with ZSSW-30 Remote Turret

The ZSSW-30 turret unveiled by HSW at the MSPO exhibition this year is designed for the Rosomak M2 IFV. The new weapon station mounts the Mk44 30mm chain gun along with two Spike-LR ATGM. The EO systems are provided by Selex-ES.

Remote Turret ZSSW-30 turret – Copyright: defense-update.com

During the recent MSPO exhibition in Poland the Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW) company unveiled a second prototype of the unmanned ZSSW-30 turret designed for the Rosomak M2 IFV. The unmanned turret fits the same turret ring carrying the manned Hitfist-30P used on the current Rosomak version. The new weapon station mounts the Mk44 30mm chain gun along with two RAFAEL Spike-LR ATGM. Selex ES will provide the optronic systems for the commander independent optronics and gunner sight.

ZSSW-30 turret – Copyright: J. Sabacc / Defence24.pl

ZSSW-30 is an unmanned / remote turret with the same ring diameter as the Oto Melara Hitfist-30 turret that is already in service in Polish Army on Rosomak 8x8s. The turret has an elevation range of -9° to +60°.

The turret is armed with a 30mm  Mk44 chaingun and a coaxial UKM-2000C 7.62mm machine gun.
The turret has 200 rounds of 30mm ready-to-fire onboard and 400 7.62mm rounds.
On the right hand side of the turret, two Spike LR missiles are mounted.Spike LR is a fire and forget type missile with a imaging infrared seeker. The range is 4.000m with a penetration capability of more than 700mm RHA.
Dual Spike LR Launchers

The Spike family comes in 3 main variants – MR (medium range), LR (long range), and ER (extended range): Spike-MR is fire & forget for autonomous-guided medium range target engagement up to 2,500m (1.5 miles), using an imaging infrared (IIR) seeker. It also has an optional fully guided mode, using a fiber optic link. Spike-MR is designed as an infantry-only weapon, and weighs 26 kg/ 57.2 pounds when fully assembled (13.3 kg missile in cannister, 5 kg CLU, 4 kg Thermal Sight, 1 kg missile, 2.8 kg tripod). Spike-LR is the same size, and uses the same components, but extends the missile’s range to 4000m/ 2.4 miles. A bi-directional fiber-optic data link is standard in the Spike-LR, allowing the gunner to watch the video taken by the missile seeker before and in-flight for more precise targeting or guidance to the end of its range. IIR Fire & Forget mode for “shoot and scoot” tactics is also a built-in option. Spike-LR can be used by infantry, and is also suitable for mounting on vehicles, remote weapons systems, and small boats. Spain’s army and marines will use Spike-LR. Spike-ER (Extended Range) to be used by Spain’s helicopters has a maximum range of 8,000m / 4.8 miles, and is equipped with the same guidance options as Spike-LR. It’s a larger diameter (170mm vs. 130mm) missile with a larger warhead, however, weighing in at 33 kg/ 72.6 pounds in its cannister. Understandably, Spike-ER is a vehicle-mounted weapon. RAFAEL’s promotions to Spain took care to highlight its low collateral damage characteristics due to the missile’s very high accuracy, post-launch abort feature, and optional PBF (Penetration, Blast and Fragmentation) warhead that explodes only after target penetration.

The gunner’s sight is Polish PCO GOC-1 Nike dual axis stabilized sight system.

PCO GOC-1 Nike dual axis stabilized sight system

Gunner’s Sight: PCO GOC-1 Nike

GOC-1 NIKE optronic system is equipped with a module fitted with a thermal-vision camera functioning within the wavelength range between 3 and 5 μm, complemented by an eye-safe mono-impulse laser range finder, a package of TV cameras and an external light sensor. Its purpose is to operate as a component of the target detection, tracking and observation systems. The system is also suitable to be used in fire control suites. This optronic package may be used both at night, as well as during the day. GOC-1 NIKE system also was awarded with the DEFENDER distinction.

GOC-1 Sight unit consists of a Mid Wave Thermal Imager, Day CCD Camera and a 10km range Laser Range Finder. The sight unit has -20° to +70° elevation and nx360° traverse capability.
The Commander’s Sight seems to be the Selex Janus Panoramic Sight system with a thermal imager, day camera and laser range finder.

Finmeccanica (Selex) Janus Sight

Frontal Aspect of the TurretRosomak APCs currently equipped with Hitfist-30P turrets will be refitted with missile launching assemblies, fitted with standard
5 ZSSW-30 turrets are planned to undergo qualification testing in 2016 and the possible series production to commence in 2017.
Source: w54.biz/warfaretech.blogspot.com/defence24.com/pcosa.com.pl
Images are from public domain unless otherwise stated

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