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Spanish Eurofighter Typhoon Crashes Near Albacete After Performing In National Day Parade, Killing Pilot Oct 12 2017

It’s the third deadly crash of a Eurofighter in one month.

A Spanish Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon has crashed at Albacete, southeast on Madrid, Spain, while recovering to Los Lanos airbase after taking part in a National parade. The pilot did not manage to eject from the aircraft and was killed in the accident.

According to the Spanish MoD, the Eurofighter, one of four Typhoons that took part in the parade over Madrid, crashed, for unknown reasons, on approach to Albacete.

Albacete is the home base of the Eurofighter Typhoon C.16 jets from Ala 14 and the main operating base of NATO Tactical Leadership Programme.

This is the third deadly crash of a Typhoon in one month: a RSAF Typhoon combat aircraft involved in a mission against Houthi fighters over Yemen crashed into a mountain in Al Wade’a district on Sept. 13, 2017; then, on Sept. 24, an Italian Air Force Typhoon crashed into the sea while performing its solo display during the Terracina airshow.

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Today, at 12:06 a.m., Tu-95MS bombers fired cruise missiles at objects of international terrorist groupings in Syria – Video

Today, at 12:06 a.m., Tu-95MS bombers fired cruise missiles at objects of international terrorist groupings in #Syria.

The aircraft scrambled from the Engels airfield and flew over territories of #Iran and #Iraq.

In the Syria airspace, the strategic bombers fired Kh-101 cruise missiles at the most important #ISIS and #Jabhat_al_Nusra objects located in the provinces of #Deir_ez_Zor and #Idlib.

The unexpected strikes eliminated terrorists’ command posts, hardware and manpower concentration areas as well as ammunition depots.

The objective monitoring data has confirmed elimination of all assigned targets.
Su-30 and Su-35 fighters were covering the Tu-95MS bombers.

The strategic bombers successfully flew about 7,000 kilometers. They were in-flight refueled by Il-78 tanker aircraft.

The missile strikes were carried out against the ISIS objects in order to support offensive of the #Syrian_Arab_Army to eliminate the last terrorists’ bridgehead.

Source Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

Tu-95MS Strategic Bomber: Details

The Australian Navy commissioned the Guided Missile Destroyer HMAS Hobart in Sydney – Video

Main image Royal Australian Navy

Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyers: Details

Modernized Ilyushin-976(RA-76455) prior to take off at Zhukovsky on 12.09.17 – Video

Main image: Modernized Ilyushin-976(RA-76455) range control & missile tracking aircraft at Gromov FR Institute,Zhukovsky on 12.09.17. Source

Beriev A-50 Airborne (AEW&C): Details