Royal Thai Army buys four latest-generation Skyguard systems

Rheinmetall will supply the Royal Thai Army with four latest-generation Skyguard systems

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Oerlikon Skyguard III

The Oerlikon Skyguard III is a modernized version of the Skyguard I air defense missile/twin-cannon system. Made by Rheinmetall Air Defence, the state-of-the-art Oerlikon Skyguard III places the latest advances in technology at the disposal of Skyguard users, while maintaining the existing transport concept. Tried-and-tested air defence systems such as the Oerlikon Skyguard have to be modified to meet new threats. Designed for round-the-clock, network-enabled operations in all weathers, the Oerlikon Skyguard III is the perfect answer for echeloned air defence, offering excellent protection against a wide spectrum of aerial threats, including fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, missiles, unmanned air vehicles and precision guided missiles. The Oerlikon Skyguard III is characterized by a high degree of networkability. At the tactical and operational level, Skyguard III fire units can be linked to higher-echelon command structures. Up to three fire units can be linked to form their own network, exchanging data in near real-time and generating a uniform air situation picture. In addition, a battle management system assures extremely short reaction and engagement times. This 35mm twin gun/ Skyguard III modernization program also includes all necessary fire control functions for Ahead engagement against Finally, using the latest high-tech components ensures efficient logistical support as well as low lifecycle costs. Source

35mm Oerlikon GDF007 Twin Guns


Ahead airburst ammunition

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