Russian Navy Aircraft Carrier Project 23000E

The new ship has to become rather impressive and have displacement about 100 000 tons. The length of the ship will be 330 meters, width – 40 meters, and draft – 11 meters.

As calculations the maximum speed of an aircraft carrier has to make about 30 knots. However, it isn’t clear what power plant will be used.

Air Group will make a new aircraft carrier deck fighters MiG-29K, T-50 (PAK FA), AEW and multi-purpose helicopters Ka-27. But the numerical structure of air group is unknown. However, when compared with well-known classmates, for example, the latest generation of US aircraft carrier Gerald Ford, it can be assumed that the air group will be about 70-80 aircrafts (on American air group of 75 aircrafts). This will make our ship better than American competitors.

The flight deck of an aircraft carrier which you can see on the model will be mixed type with four launching sites. The aircrafts will be able to take off with traditional trampoline and using two electromagnetic catapults. Landing of aircraft will be provided by means of one arrester gear. Source


The aircraft carrier of the project 23000 “Storm”

Developer: Central Research Institute. Krylova (Russia)

23000 “Storm” – the project of a multi-purpose heavy aircraft carrier (super-navy).

The aircraft carrier 23000 “Storm” is designed for

  • performance of various tasks in the far ocean zone:
  • Striking ground and sea targets of the enemy with the help of their own armament and airborne group aircraft
  • air defense by air defense means and air group means
  • ensuring combat stability and air defense of naval groups
  • support landing

23000 “Storm” is not supposed to equip own armament in addition to two shipborne air defense systems. In this regard, he will need a large grouping of security ships, which will provide him with anti-aircraft, anti-ship and anti-submarine defense. The aircraft carrier group will be able to project forces on a global scale.

The superstructure is divided into two separate captain’s bridges. There are four lifts for communication with the hangar: three on the right side (in front, between and behind the captain’s bridges) and one on the left side.

23000 vessels are equipped with a standard power plant, but two nuclear reactors are supposed to be installed, which will free up considerable space for aviation fuel, equipment and ammunition and increase the military benefit of the aircraft carrier.


  • Storm is the base version
  • Storm 23000E – export option


  • The length is 330 m.
  • The width is 40 m.
  • Displacement – 100+ tons.
  • Simultaneous takeoff and landing of aircraft – YES
  • The initial setting is ‘sky ramp’
  • Start catapults – 2 x steam + 2 x type EMALS
  • Deceleration during landing – YES
  • Crew – 4000 sailors and pilots
  • The aircraft carrier group – 80 – 90 MiG-29K aircraft, T-50 marine modification and early warning aircraft, and helicopters of various types
  • Speed ​​- up to 30 knots


RITM-200 nuclear power plant

The power plant would likely be the RITM-200 nuclear power plant reactors built for Project 22220 nuclear-powered icebreaker Arktika according to Russian sources.


The project is a promising Russian aircraft carrier “Storm” 23000e. Russian Navy (Проект перспективного российского авианосца “Шторм” 23000э. ВМФ России)

Russian Navy planned to strengthen the new multi-purpose heavy nuclear aircraft carrier (MTAA) “Storm”. Designing this unique ship carried Krylov State Research Center. With it, the Russian Navy will be able to deploy mobile base for a large air group in the most remote parts of the oceans.

Due to ice class, “Storm” is able to perform combat missions, not only in warm seas, but also strategically important, but it is bad development of the Arctic region, which lies up to 25% of the world’s hydrocarbon reserves. Aboard the aircraft carrier will be able to accommodate up to 90 aircraft for various purposes, including the latest fighter planes, helicopters and aircraft radar reconnaissance.

With the air carrier will defend the naval version of the promising ground missile systems S-500. This SAM can detect aerodynamic and ballistic targets at a range of 800 km and hit targets flying at a speed of up to 7000 meters per second. Under the water the aircraft carrier “will cover” the latest means of torpedo defense, information about where in the public yet.

According to the declared data, the length of “Storm” will be 330 meters, width – 40 meters, depth – 11 meters, displacement – 95 thousand tons.. Aircraft carrier with autonomy in the course of 120 days will be able to reach speeds of 30 knots (56 km / h). The movement of the ship will lead propulsion system of the mixed type, consisting of nuclear and gas turbine units. In total, the aircraft carrier will serve up to 5,000 crew members. The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has not yet signed a contract for construction of the “Storm”, so some of its basic parameters, depending on the wishes of the customer, may subsequently change.

It is also important to note that the carrier – it’s not the ship that goes through the seas alone. For its effective use of the Russian Navy will have to raise or re-build a full-fledged aircraft carrier groups. In her will should include at least two missile cruiser, three destroyers, two nuclear submarines and several supply ships. Also, carrier battle groups would require the construction of all necessary infrastructure for it.

Translated by google – Source


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