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China’s PLAN Received about 200 Kh-59MK Anti-Ship Missiles for Su-30MK2 by end-2015


Monday, 21 March 2016

China had received about 200 Kh-59MK (NATO reporting name: AS-13 Kingbolt) anti-ship missiles (ASM) by end-2015, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute`s (SIPRI) arms trasnfer database.

A Kh-59MK2 test round is launched from a Su-30MK Flanker G. KnAAPO picture.

The deliveries of Russian Kh-59MK missiles intended for Chinese Su-30MK2 (Flanker-G) multirole fighters started in 2008. As of end-late, China got about 200 Kh-59MKs. SIPRI emphasizes, that Chinese Armed Forces may have received both Kh-59MK and Kh-59MK2 modifications of the missile.

Kh-59MK is an anti-ship missile developed by the Tactical Missiles Corporation (Russian acronym: KTRV) for Su-30 Sukhoi fighters. It has a maximum flight range of 285 km, a maximum speeed of 0,9M, and a warhead weight of 320 kg. It is equipped with ARGS-59 active radar-homing seeker.

Kh-59MK2 air-to-surface missile is a modification of Kh-59MK intended for destruction of static targets at distances up to 285 km. It can be equipped with either penetrating (320 kg) or pellet (285 kg) warhead.

The Su-30MK2 is a variant of the Su-30 designed for dedicated use as a maritime strike aircraft, thus these aircraft ordered by China are currently being operated by the PLAN Naval Air Force.



Kh-59MK2 – Land attack variant of Kh-59MK (fire-and-forget).

The Kh-59MK airborne enhanced-range air-to-surface guided missile with the ARGS-59E active radar homing head is derived from the Kh-59ME missile with the TV/command guidance system. It is designed for engagement of a wide range of radar-contrast sea surface targets in both fair and adverse weather conditions at Sea States up to 6.

The missile makes part of weapon systems of the Su-30 type aircraft.

The ASK autometed testing system, making part of the OKA system, is modified for testing the Kh-59MK missiles during their scheduled servicing. The SNO-106MA ground support equipment is used for missiles’ maintenance in technical positions, their shipping and storage in arsenals and depots, scheduled servicing, testing, and transfer for suspension under carrier aircraft.

Chinese Su-30MK2 (Flanker-G) multirole fighters

Developer and manufacturer: “Raduga” State Machine-Building Design Bureau

 Max launch range, km:


 against destroyer/cruiser-type targets  285
 against boat-type targets  145
 Min launch range, km  5-25
 Missile launch envelope:
 carrier speed at launch, km/h
 (Mach number)  600-1,000 (0,5-0,9)
 carrier altitude, km  0,2-11
 Missile flight speed, km/h  900-1,050
 Missile flight altitude, m:
 en route (over sea surface)  10-15
 at terminal area  4-7
 Missile launch weight, kg  not exceeding 930
 Warhead type  penetrator
 Warhead weight, kg  320
 Missile dimensions, m:
 length  5,7
 diameter, main body
 (without engine)/nose section  0,38/0,42
 wing span  1,3