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A-Darter infrared short-range air-to-air missile

SiIMU02 is a miniature hermetically sealed and fully screened IMU module offering an angular rate measurement range of up to ±9,000°/s (R-axis) / ±500°/s (P,Y-axes) and a linear acceleration measurement ranges of up to ±30g, with a range of optional digital interfaces.

Uses the renowned VSG-3 MEMS angular rate sensors combined with high performance MEMS accelerometers in a modular configuration allowing either angular rate only or full rate and acceleration measurement. The gyros are controlled using digital electronics enabling them to be factory programmed to operate in ‘rate’ or ‘angle’ modes to optimize performance for the application.

Designed to survive up to 20,000g shock SiIMU02 is the world’s most rugged inertial measurement unit.

The IMU has a sealed metal housing, affording a high degree of environmental protection and electrical screening to give a high MTBF and long life in harsh operating conditions.

Using sophisticated internal compensation SiIMU02 achieves excellent bias repeatability, bias stability and angular random walk performance for precision applications in stabilisation, guidance and navigation.

SiIMU02 was developed, and is manufactured and distributed by, Silicon Sensing’s co-parent company Atlantic Inertial Systems in the UK. Source findmems.com