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Philippines Navy Places Order for AgustaWestland AW159s


Finmeccanica on March 31 announced a €100 million ($114 million) contract from the Philippine Navy to supply two AgustaWestland AW159 helicopters for anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare missions. The Philippines is the third customer for the improved Wildcat version of the twin-engine Lynx helicopter.

The Anglo-Italian manufacturer will build the helicopters at its facility in Yeovil, UK, with plans to deliver them in 2018. The contract includes training and multi-year support.

This contract confirms the confidence of the Philippines in Finmeccanica’s products as key to its national security,” said Mauro Moretti, Finmeccanica CEO. “We will deliver to the Philippine Navy a state-of-the-art product, unmatched in the modern operational scenarios, and customized to meet their specific needs.”

The AW159 is equipped with Selex Seaspray 7000E active electronically scanned array surveillance radar, electronic support measures, active dipping sonar, sonobuoys and torpedoes for anti-submarine warfare; it can be armed with anti-ship missiles, rockets, guns and depth charges. Finmeccanica reports 72 orders for the helicopter, which entered service with the British Army and Royal Navy. Korea became the first export customer when it ordered eight Wildcats in 2013.

This will definitely enhance the capability of the Philippine Navy; for the first time we will have anti-submarine helicopters,” said defense undersecretary Fernando Manalo, according to the Philippines news site Inquirer.net. The AW159s will be deployed on two new frigates the government plans to buy, he added.



AgustaWestland AW159: HEREWildcat-helicopter-with-FAGHWH-and-FASGWL-Missiles3


Alexander Prokhorenko who bravely called airstike on himself as ISIS thugs surrounded him – with last radio transcript


Τετάρτη, 30 Μαρτίου 2016

Alexander Prokhorenko a HERO

Alexander Prokhorenko, Ρωσος των ειδικών δυνάμεων επιχειρουσε μόνος σαν προωθημενος spoter στην Παλμυρα. Μετα απο μια βδομάδα εντοπίστηκε απο τον ISIS και περικυκλωθηκε. Αφου του τελειωσαν τα πυρομαχικά  εδωσε το στιγμα του στην Ρωσικη αεροπορία για βομβαρδισμο με αποτέλεσμα μαζι με αυτον να σκοτωθουν και 10δες Τζιχαντιστες που τον ειχαν περικυκλωσει.
(προκειμενου να αποφευχθουν καταστροφες στην αρχαια Παλμυρα οι βομβαρδισμοι γινόντουσαν με οπλα ακριβείας με βαση τις ακριβεις συντεταγμενες που διναν προωθημενοι παρατηρητες.)

Russian ‘Rambo’ revealed to be Alexander Prokhorenko who bravely called airstike on himself as ISIS thugs surrounded him

Trapped and surrounded by murderous ISIS fighters, the heroic Russian ‘Rambo’ who wiped them all out by calling in airstrikes on HIMSELF 

-Alexander Prokhorenko, 25, was identifying targets for Russian airstrikes
-He was surrounded by ISIS near Palmyra when he ordered one on himself

The Russian Special Forces officer who was killed during the operation to liberate Palmyra from the Daesh terrorist group has been named as 25-year-old Alexander Prokhorenko, who ordered air forces to strike his position after he was discovered by Daesh terrorists.

On March 24 a spokesman for the Russian military at the Hmeimim air base in Syria announced that a Russian officer had been killed by an airstrike after providing intelligence and coordinates for the Russian Air Force to attack Daesh targets in the region of Palmyra, in the Homs province of Syria.  He ordered his comrades to carry out an air strike on his position after he was discovered and surrounded by Daesh terrorists while on an intelligence mission. Alexander Prokhorenko was from the village of Gorodki in the Orenburg region of Russia. He began training at the Army Air Defense Corps Military Academy straight after leaving school, and graduated the academy with honors.

Alexander Prokorenko, who called an airstrike on himself at Palmyra, has pregnant wife at home,’ Komsomolskaya Pravda reported.

His last communication with the Operations Center

Im in danger , I repeat Im in danger
Center : please repat and confirm

They have spoted me and they are shooting from everywhere. Im target. Request for evacuation immediatelyCenter: Request for evacuation confirmed

Alexander: please make it quick I have no ammos left I cannot keep them for much more , please for quck action

Center: Confirmed , try to keep them away and continue to shoot on them, [b]Go to the safe area[/b], Air support is on the way. Give as your coordinates

Alexander: gives coordinates

center: repeat coordinates

Alexander: gives coordinates

: confirmed. Please harry I’m running out of amos , I have been surrounded by the bustards

Center: We will need 12 minutes for the evacuation Go to the safe area, I repeat I turn to the safe line..

They are close and I’m surrounded. This may be the end Tell my family that I love them much

Center: Return to the safe area (Green area) and keep shooting them back . Help is on the way and is covered from air support

Alexander: Not possible I’m surrounded they are so many bastards coming

Center: In 10 minutes .. return to the safe zone (green zone)

: I cannot I; trapped Please harry

Center: move to the Green Zone , move to the Green zone

They are here . Conduct the air raid NOW. This is the end . Tell my family that I love them and i died for my country

Center: You are not in the Green zone..

: Please I;m surrounded they are within.. I dont want to catch me and pillory my uniform. Conduct the air raid NOW, other wise they will pillory me and my uniform. I want to die with dignity and I will take those bustards with me. This is my last wish . Conduct the air raid NOW

center: confirm you request

Alexander: they are just in the perimeter , this is the end . Commander I thank you , inform my family and my country I love them. Tell them that I was brave to the end. Please take care my family . Revenge my death . Commander greetings Tell my family I love them

Center: Air raid to be executed..
—————————————————————————H ΔΡΑΜΑΤΙΚΗ ΤΕΛΕΥΤΑΙΑ ΣΥΝΟΜΙΛΙΑ

Αξιωματικός: Είμαι σε κίνδυνο, επαναλαμβάνω είμαι σε κίνδυνο.

Κέντρο: παρακαλώ επαναλάβετε και επιβεβαιώστε

Αξιωματικός: Με έχουν εντοπίσει, μου ρίχνουν από παντού, είμαι στόχος, αίτημα εκκένωσης αμέσως

Κέντρο: αίτηση εκκένωσης αναγνώρισε

Αξιωματικός: παρακαλώ επισπεύστε έχω ελάχιστα πυρομαχικά, δεν μπορώ να τους κρατήσω για πάρα πολύ ακόμα, παρακαλώ επίσπευση

Κέντρο: Επιβεβαιώθηκε, να τους κρατήσετε μακριά, να συνεχίσετε να ανταποδίδετε τα πυρά, πηγαίνετε σε ασφαλή θέση,η εναέρια υποστήριξη είναι σε παρακολούθηση, οι συντεταγμένες

Αξιωματικός: (δίνει τις συντεταγμένες)

Κέντρο: επαναλαμβάνει συντεταγμένες Επιβεβαιώνει

Αξιωματικός: επιβεβαιώστε, παρακαλώ επισπεύστε τελειώνουν τα πυρομαχικά με έχουν περικυκλώσει τα  καθάρματα

Κέντρο: 12 λεπτά θα χρειαστούν μέχρι την εκκένωση, να επιστρέψετε σε ασφαλή γραμμή, επαναλαμβάνω επιστροφή σε ασφαλή γραμμή

Αξιωματικός: είναι κοντά, είμαι περικυκλωμένος, αυτό μπορεί να είναι το τέλος, πείτε στην οικογένειά μου, τους αγαπώ πολύ

Κέντρο: επιστρέψτε στην πράσινη γραμμή, να συνεχίσετε την ανταπόδοση πυρών, η βοήθεια είναι καθ οδόν και καλύπτετε από αεροπορική υποστήριξη

Αξιωματικός: αδύνατον είμαι περικυκλωμένος, είναι τόσα πολλά αυτά τα καθάρματα

Κέντρο:σε 10 λεπτά, να επιστρέψετε στην πράσινη γραμμή

Αξιωματικός: Δεν μπορώ είναι γύρω μου και με έχουν εγκλωβίσει, παρακαλώ βιαστείτε

Κέντρο: μετακινηθείτε προς την πράσινη γραμμή, επιστρέψτε στην πράσινη γραμμή

Αξιωματικός:εφθασαν, διεξάγετε την αεροπορική επιδρομή τώρα παρακαλώ βιαστείτε, αυτό είναι το τέλος, πείτε στην οικογένειά μου ότι εγώ τους αγαπώ και ότι έχασα τη ζωή μου πολεμώντας για την πατρίδα μου.

Κέντρο: δεν είστε στην πράσινη γραμμή

Αξιωματικός:σας παρακαλώ , είμαι περικυκλωμένος, βρίσκονται εντός, δεν θέλω να με πάρουν και να με διαπομπέυσουν διεξάγετε την αεροπορική επιδρομή, θα διαπομπεύσουν εμένα και την στολή μου. Θέλω να πεθάνω με αξιοπρέπεια και να πάρω όλα αυτά τα καθάρματα μαζί μου. Παρακαλώ τελευταία μου επιθυμία, διεξάγετε την αεροπορική επιδρομή, ειδάλλως θα με σκοτώσουν.

Κέντρο: επιβεβαιώστε το αίτημά σας

Αξιωματικός: αυτοί έξω έξω, αυτό είναι το τέλος διοικητής, ευχαριστώ εσάς, ενημερώστε την οικογένειά μου και τη χώρα μου, τους αγαπώ. Πείτε τους ήμουν γενναίος και αγωνίστηκα μέχρι το τέλος.Παρακαλώ να φροντίσετε την οικογένειά μου, να εκδικηθείτε για το θάνατό μου, διοικητή αντίο, πείτε στην οικογένειά μου τους αγαπώ

Κέντρο: διαταγή αεροπορικής επιδρομής.

Τhe broken gun in two points indicates that the area was hit by bombs.


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Airbus A400M military transport plane hits more trouble


Date 01.04.2016

The torturous development of the A400M transport plane has been extended yet again after Germany’s Defense Ministry admitted that it had been hit more technical problems. Its latest delivery date is now in doubt.

Militärisches Transportflugzeug Airbus A400M

Germany’s list of military equipment calamities was extended once again on Friday, when the country’s biggest newspaper reported that the new European transporter plane, the Airbus A400M Atlas, had faulty engines.

The “Bild” newspaper reported that parts of the propeller engines could not cope with extreme temperatures and that individual parts of the engine were found to have “material flaws.” The newspaper also claimed that one engine on a British A400M had cut out during a flight, though this had not yet happened to the three planes already owned by Germany’s air force.

The Defense Ministry confirmed the report on Friday. “Yes, it’s true that the airplane manufacturer has found problems with the propeller engine,” a spokeswoman for the ministry told the Reuters news agency before adding that the Italian company that manufactures the engines for Airbus was analyzing the problems and that Airbus had offered to repair the engines free of charge.

The ministry added that the nine new A400Ms that Germany has already ordered – which are currently being manufactured – were also being checked, though it remained unclear when they would be delivered. “We don’t yet have a current delivery plan for this year,” the spokeswoman said.

Spanien Absturz Airbus A400MAn A400M crashed in Spain in May last year

Extra costs for the taxpayer

The development of the four-engine Airbus plane has become a saga of faults and misfires. Initially, its main problem was being overweight, and thus unable to carry the military vehicles it needed to.

But after its budget began to balloon – currently to over 20 billion euros ($23 billion), according to the “Defense Industry Daily” – it soon became clear that the project would be unable to break even without sales to countries outside NATO. The only trouble: The constant delays meant that many potential customers, such as South Africa, began looking elsewhere for alternatives – or even suing Airbus for compensation.

The A400M finally had its maiden flight in 2009, but the first aircraft was only delivered to France’s air force in August 2013. The Germans did not get their first aircraft until a year later.

In May 2015, one A400M intended for Turkey’s air force crashed during a test flight in Spain as a result of engine failure caused by a software glitch. In response, Germany was one of several countries to ground all their A400Ms.

In December last year, Germany’s Defense Ministry secured the promise of a compensation payment from Airbus because of the delays. But members of the parliament’s defense committee criticized the figure – 13 million euros – as too low, on the grounds that the costs to the German taxpayer would be “several times higher,” as Rainer Arnold, defense policy spokesman for the Social Democrats, put it.

Future problems

A few weeks ago, parliamentary and military sources were quoted in the press saying that the German air force was considering planes from other manufacturers to “complement” the A400M – not because of the late delivery, but because it did not have all the capabilities that the air force required.

But, despite nominal plans to complete construction of the new planes this year, Germany’s Defense Ministry admitted on Friday that it did not know whether Airbus would actually be able deliver new planes in 2016.

Tobias Lindner, the defense spokesman for the Greens, described hopes that the new plane could be finished this year as “extremely unrealistic,” because the new engine problems would cause more delays.

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Airbus A400M: Details

The Airbus A400M Atlas medium-range military transport aircraft is an international project. This aircraft was ordered by 10 countries. Its mayor operators will be Germany (60), France (50), Spain (27), United Kingdom (25) and Turkey (10). The A400M will replace a variety of aircraft, including Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules and TRANSALL C-160. The A400M made its maiden flight in 2009. First deliveries were expected in 2009, however these were postponed by delays. First production aircraft entered service in 2013. In the same year the French A400M saw action. It was used to deliver cargo during combat operation in Mali. First Airbus A400M was delivered to United Kingdom in 2014.


TP400-D6 turboprop engines. Each is rated at over 11 000 shp developed by EuroProp International.

Entered service 2013
Crew 3 – 4 men
Dimensions and weight
Length 45.1 m
Wing span 42.4 m
Height 14.7 m
Weight (empty) 70 t
Weight (maximum take off) 141 t
Engines and performance
Engines EuroProp International TP400-D6 turboprop
Engine power 4 x 11 000 shp
Maximum speed 825 km/h
Cruise speed 780 km/h
Service ceiling 12 km
Range (max payload) 3 300 km
Ferry range 9 300 km
Maximum payload 37 t
Troops 116 men
Vehicles 2 x 8×8 armored vehicles
Cargo compartment dimensions 17.71 x 4 x 3.85 m


US Army test fires AIM-9X from latest air defence systems – Short clip

Daniel Wasserbly, Washington, DC – IHS Jane’s Missiles & Rockets

30 March 2016

The US Army has fired an AIM-9X surface-to-air missile from its newest air defence launcher.

The AIM-9X has been fired from ground launchers before, and is shown here during a demonstration in 2014. (US Army)The AIM-9X has been fired from ground launchers before, and is shown here during a demonstration in 2014. (US Army)

“The missile successfully engaged an unmanned aircraft system [UAS] target as part of an engineering demonstration” for the service’s Indirect Fire Protection Capability Increment 2-Intercept (IFPC Inc 2-I), the army announced on 30 March.

Army engineers are working to develop the IFPC Inc 2-I as a mobile ground-based defence system to counter UASs, cruise missiles, and rockets, artillery, and mortars (RAM) with a variety of interceptors. The first equipment block will focus on UASs and cruise missile defence, and eventually a second block is planned to develop interceptors, sensors, and technical fire control to support the counter RAM mission.

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New air defense system comprising two types of missiles, capable to protecting military forces against cruise missiles and UASs

The US Army is seeking to field a new air defense system comprising two types of missiles, capable to protecting military forces against cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), Rockets, Artillery and Mortars. The development of the truck mounted system is part of the ‘Indirect Fire Protection Capability Increment 2 Intercept (IFPC Inc. 2-I) Program of Record, designed to improve force protection for rapid deployment forces on contingencies beyond 2020.

Multi-Mission Launcher

Multi-Mission Launcher (MML) – The U.S. Army successfully fired three missiles to verify tube integrity and missile stack integration of the Multi-Mission Launcher using a Launch Demonstration Unit. Photo: US Army

The Army has already implemented the multi-mission launcher approach in the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) and Avenger mobile air defense system. Once deployed, the new MML is expected complement the Avenger in the air defense units.

Sensors, Command and Control


MML is built on open architecture and will have the capacity to launch a variety of interceptors to provide 360-degree protection against simultaneous threats from rockets, artillery, mortars, precision guided ordnance, cruise missiles and unmanned aircraft systems. IFPS will become part of the Army Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IMAD) Battle Command System (BCS) which also follows open-system architecture. IMAD will be able to allocate target data through the Engagement Operations Cell which links to Sentinel target acquisition radars, acting as the integral fire control sensor for IFPS.

The Improved Sentinel (AN/MPQ-64F1) is a 3D phased array tactical air defense radar developed by Thales Raytheon Systems. It automatically detects, tracks, identifies, classifies and reports airborne threats. It detects helicopters, high-speed attack aircraft and cruise missiles over 360°. IFPC Inc. 2-I will fund the software upgrades to support the current Sentinel’s counter UAS and CM mission. source defense-update.com

Indonesian defense minister confirms plans to purchase Su-35 fighters from Russia


April 01, 9:09

Indonesia intends to buy 8-10 Russian Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets

SINGAPORE, April 1. /TASS/. Indonesian Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu has confirmed his intention to sign a contract on the purchase of the Su-35 multi-purpose fighter jets during his upcoming visit to Russia in the next few days. The minister made this statement in an interview with Bloomberg on Thursday.

Ryacudu said he hoped to finalize a deal to buy between 8 and 10 Russian Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets in a trip to Russia in early April, Bloomberg reported. Ryacudu said previously Indonesia needed a squadron of fighters, but for the first stage of cooperation this number would be sufficient.

The Indonesian government had been considering purchasing Lockheed Martin Corp.’s F-16V, BAE Systems Plc’s Eurofighter Typhoon or Saab AB’s Gripen.

The minister also said Indonesia would continue looking to various countries for procurement. “We will buy from Europe and America, from Russia also,” he said. “We don’t prioritize. The important thing is if we need them, and the research backs it up, we will buy. We are replacing old planes, not adding new ones.”

Russian weapons are widely used by the Indonesian army. The country’s Air Force uses the Su-27 and Su-30 fighters. The Su-35 would replace the outdated American aircraft F-5 Tiger that has been used by the Indonesian military since 1980.

Russia’s state hi-tech corporation Rostec announced on November 19, 2015 it had signed a deal for the delivery of 24 Su-35 fighter jets to China, which would be the first foreign customer to buy these planes.

By its aerodynamic design, the Su-35 is a two-engine high-wing aircraft with retractable tricycle-type landing gear and the nose gear strut. The Su-35 is equipped with AL-41F1S turbojet engines with an afterburner and a controlled thrust vector developed by Saturn research and production association in Rybinsk in the Yaroslav Region north of Moscow.

The 117S engine makes the Su-35 fighter jet a super-maneuverable plane. The engine was developed on the basis of its AL-31F predecessors mounted on Su-27 aircraft but features an increased thrust of 14.5 tons compared with the previous version’s 12.5 tons, better performance and reduced fuel consumption.

The Su-35 has 12 external bays for precision missiles and air bombs and two bays for electronic warfare containers.

The Su-35 fighter jet is armed with a whole set of air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles, as well as with various-caliber rockets and air bombs.

Generally, the Su-35 fighter aircraft does not differ from operational Su-30MK planes by its bomb and rocket weaponry but can eventually carry improved and new models of air bombs, including laser-guided bombs. The Su-35 fighter jet has a maximum combat load of 8,000 kilograms.

The Su-35 fighter jet is also armed with the GSh-30-1 30 mm gun with an ammunition load of 150 cartridges.

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Indonesian President Joko Widodo has approved the purchase of Su-35 fighters cost between $400-700 million

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Embraer Says KC-390 Back on Schedule


Apr 01, 2016 00:50 UTC by Defense Industry Daily staff

Embraer has announced that their KC-390 cargo aircraft is now back on schedule, after delays last year ran the risk of affecting potential customers. A direct challenge to Lockheed Martin’s Hercules, the KC-390 promises capabilities to fly higher, fuller, and faster, at a lower price than its competitor. Customers for the Brazillian airlifter include 28 contracts to deliver the KC-390 to Brazil, and 32 “letters of intention” with other countries, including South American neighbors Chile, Argentina and Portugal.


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