The strategic bombers of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force H-6K can now launch all-weather, long-range, precision strikes


“The fact that our H-6K bombers have performed several long-distance drills far into the Pacific Ocean indicates that the H-6K fleet has become capable of conducting various operations such as long-range precision strikes,” Fu Qianshao, an aviation equipment expert with the PLA Air Force, told China Daily on Tuesday.

“In the past, our bombers could only deliver airdropped bombs and so were unable to conduct precision attacks, but the H-6K, with the adoption of some of our most advanced aeronautic technologies, is able to carry and launch air-to-surface cruise missiles and anti-ship missiles, which means it can take out multiple targets on the ground or at sea within one mission,” he said. (China.org.cn)

Variants of the CJ-10 anti-ship/land attack cruise missile can be launched from different platforms. Six are carried by Xian H-6K strategic bomber, The missile is also carried on board the Type 095 and 052D destroyers and on land-based mobile launchers. (Asia Times)


The development of this new variant officially started in May 2003. The #001 prototype first flew on January 5, 2007 at XAC. Two prototypes were produced (861 & 862). Its major improvement is to replace two fuel-thirsty WP-8/AM-3 turbojet engines with Russian D-30KP-2 turbofan engines (TO thrust 12,000kg, similar to the engine used by Il-76MD in service with PLAAF), resulting in a greater range (combat radius ~3,500km) and a higher cruise speed. Around 55 D-30KP-2 engines were imported from Russia between 2009-2011. As the result the engine compartment was completely redesigned and appears longer.

Other improvements include a redesigned solid nose housing a large ground search radar developed by the 38th Institute and a chin mounted EO turret containing FLIR, CCD TV camera and a laser designator for night/poor weather missions.

The H-6K retained the basic aerodynamic layout of the H-6/Tu-16 ‘Badger’. The original glass-in nose has been replaced by a solid nose and redesigned cockpit window (1); The air intakes have been enlarged to support the new DK-30 turbofan engines (2); There is an under-chin electro-optical turret containing FLIR and TV sensors (3); The forward-fuselage has been added with new EW/ELINT and communication antennas (4); There is a spherical radome located under the fuselage behind the bomb bay doors, possibly for data link with the KD-20 cruise missile (5); The vertical tail fin has been added with all-aspect radar warning receivers and missile approach warning system (6); There are six under-wing payload hard points for carrying the KD-20 missiles (7); The tail gun turret has been completely removed and replaced by space for additional avionics (8); EW/ECM suite including flare/chaff dispensers (9).

The aircraft also has nose mounted ECM antennas, nose and tail MAWS sensors, RWR/ECM antennas on top of the vertical tailfin, a SATCOM antenna on the top of rear fuselage, a datalink antenna underneath the rear fuselage, solid tail cone housing electronics with the tail gunner compartment removed, 6 underwing missile pylons and use of composite materials to reduce weight. Its cockpit has been completely redesigned featuring 6 color MFDs.


The aircraft now has 3-member crew located in the forward cabin (two pilots+navigator/WSO), each equipped with a new ejection seat (HTY-6F) to improve survivability. (Chinese Military Aviation)

 Ejection seat (HTY-6F) during testH-6M
Entered service 2009
Crew 4 men
Dimensions and weight
Length ~ 34 m
Wing span ~ 33 m
Height ~ 10 m
Weight (empty) ~ 35 t
Weight (maximum take off) ?
Engines and performance
Engines 2 x Saturn D-30KP-2 turbofan
Traction ?
Maximum speed ?
Service ceiling ?
Ferry range ?
Range ?
Combat radius 3 500 km
Missiles 6 x CJ-10A land attack cruise missiles, YL-12 anti-ship missiles

 Source: military-today.com

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Strike Radius of H-6K


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