BMPT-72 Terminator 2 Tank support armoured fighting vehicle



At Russian Arms Expo 2013 defense exhibition in Nizhny Tagil (Russia), the Russian Defense Company Uralvagonzavod unveiled a new version of its Terminator, fire support armoured fighting vehicle BMPT-72. The idea to build new heavily armed tank support vehicles emerged on the basis of experience acquired by the Russian military during the First Chechen War in North Caucasus, especially during the urban fighting in Grozny in 1995 when Russian troops lost a large number of combat vehicles to “guerrilla warfare” tactics used by Chechen separatists. As the first production of BMP-T, the BMPT-72 is based on the chassis of the Russian-made main battle tank T-72. The vehicle offers new protection and fire power especially in urban operations. The BMPT-72 is able to fight a full range of modern targets as main battle tank, armoured infantry fighting vehicles and other combat vehicles, dismounted infantry, and guided missile combat teams. The BMPT-72 is an extensive modernization of the world-famous T-72 main battle tank, also produced by Uralvagonzavod. Compared with the BMPT predecessor, the BMPT-72 has an improved fire control system and better turret weapon station protection. According to manufacturer Uralvgonzavod, the key advantage that the BMPT-72 gives to all the counties that operate T-72 tanks is that they can promptly and at minimal cost upgrade their armies to an ultra-modern level, and enhance capacity, mobility, protection and armament without purchasing new high-cost machines.


The BMPT-72 or Terminator 2 is fitted with a new unmanned redesigned fully stabilized electromechanical turret, with lower profile and better protection. The main armament of the BMPT-72 turret consists of two 30mm automatic guns 2A42 and one PKTM 7.62mm coaxial machine gun which can be used against light armoured vehicles and manpower. The guns can fire a wide range of ammunitions as APERS-T (Anti-Personnel ammunitions), HEF-I (High-explosive Fragmentation Incendiary), AP-T (Armour Piercing)., and KE (Kinetic Energy). Two anti-tank guided missile Ataka-T launcher units are mounted to each side of the turret. The missile 9M1201 can be equipped with two types of warheads, hollow-charge and high-explosive concrete-piercing. The BMPT-72 is equipped with computerized fire control system with multichannel sighting system and weapon high-accuracy laying systems. The vehicle carries 850 rounds for the 30mm guns and 2,100 ammunitions for the 7.62mm machine gun. The turret protection includes armored shields for the missiles, protecting the missiles from splinters and firing of small arms. The turret can be rotated on 360 ° with elevation from -5° to +25° for the anti-tank missile and from -5° to +45° for the guns and coaxial machine gun. The anti-tank missile can engage a target up to a maximum distance of 6,000 m while the guns have a maximum range of 2,500 against light armoured vehicles and 4,000 against light tactical vehicles and troops. A screening system increases the self-protection of the BMPT-72 which is designed to counter laser target-designators and laser rangefinders. Six smoke grenade launchers are mounted to each side of the turret. When the screening system warns the crew of laser attacks a smoke is created by the launch of grenades.

BMP-72_Termintaor-2_fire_tank_support_armoured_infantry_fighting_vehicle_Uralvagonzavod_Russia_Russian_defense_industry_details_0011BMPT30gunsBMPT Turret23fc9f2a5c16ac5824aad7bc7f7f66d6c1BMPTsecundair1BMPTweaponrangesThe main armament of the BMPT-72 turret consists of two 30mm automatic 
guns 2A42 and one PKTM 7.62mm coaxial machine gun.30mm automatic guns 2A42 (Source: ZTS Special)602d50b4a9987824d9a5d1f92763194b30 mm Grenade Launcher AG-17D is designed to defeat manpower and firing 
assets located outside shelters, in open trenches and behind natural 
obstacles (ravine, gully, mountainside etc).
19M120AtakatandemheatThe missile 9M1201

The BMPT-72 or Terminator 2 has a crew of three with the removal of two grenade launching positions, while the first version of BMP-T had a crew of five. The drive is located at the front center of the hull with gunner and commander at the rear. A panoramic sight is mounted at the front of the tank commander and the gunner position is equipped with day periscopes on 360°. The BMPT-72 hull and turret are made of steel armour and integrates latest protection systems with explosive reactive armour (ERA) to the front of the turret, a detachable ERA module on the glacis plate and applique ERA on the sides of the hull and turret. The rear parts of the turret and the chassis are fitted with slat armour to increase protection against anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) attacks. The anti-tank launch units include armored shields for the missiles, protecting the missiles from splinters and small arms fire.


The BMPT-72 (Terminator 2) can be motorized with two types of engine, the original 850 hp B84MC or the new 1000 hp. B92C2 power plants, both are 12 cylinder V type multi fuel, liquid cooled Diesel engines. The B92C2 is a turbo supercharger which offers higher power and efficiency. The engine is coupled to a hydraulically assisted transmission with 7 forward and 1 reverse gears. The BMPT-72 uses also an auxiliary power unit to extend mission endurance and running all systems on silent watch. The BMPT-72 is able to reach a maximum road speed of 60 km with a maximum cursing range of 500 km. The torsion bar suspension each side consists of six roadwheels with the idler at the front, drive sprocket at the rear and three return rollers supporting the inside of the track only. Shock-absorbers are fitted at the first, second and sixth roadwheel stations. The upper part of the suspension is protected by armour plates at the front and slat armour at the rear.


Source: Army Recognition, Encyclopedia of Safety 

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