The Russian Bumerang 8×8 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

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Boomerang-BM Turret  (Source Warfare Technology)


The Bumerang is an 8×8 wheeled Modular Armoured Fighting Vehicle and one of Russia’s most recent AFV’s unveiled during the 2015 Moscow Victory Day Parade.

The Bumerang is still under development and pending trials. During the 2015 Moscow Victory Day Parade, 2 variants were on display, the Armoured Personnel Carrier and Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

They can be fitted with mission/variant role modules. The modular construction normally allows them to be easily up armoured. Their chassis, engine and suspension are capable of accepting these upgrades with out significant loss in mobility.

Main Gun is a 30mm 2A42 auto-cannon with 500 round storage of varying ammunition. Coaxial is a PKT 7.62mm Machine Gun with 2,000 rounds ammunition.

30mm 2A42 auto-cannon


The 2A42 is a double feed autocannon that fires the powerful 30x165mm round. There are no variants of the 2A42 although the design of the newer lightweight 2A72 has been based on it.

Type Autocannon
Caliber 30x165mm Soviet
Mechanism Gas operated, electrically powered
Barrel rifled, 16 grooves, 716 mm right hand twist
Dimensions 3.027 m long
Weight 115 kg overall, 38.5 kg barrel
Feeding Double belt feed
Rate of fire 200 – 300 rpm, 550 – 800 rpm
Muzzle velocity 960 – 970 m/s
Recoil 30 to 40 kN
Remarks Muzzle brake, 6.000 round service life


PKT 7.62mm Coaxial Machine Gun


All Russian MBTs are traditionally equipped with a 7.62mm machine-gun mounted coaxially with the main armament.

The PKT machine-gun (Pulemyot Kalashnikova Tankovyi, Kalashnikov Machine-gun Tank version) is used in this role since 1962 when it was introduced instead of the older Goryunov SGMT MG. The differences from the PK unified MG include removal of stock and sights, longer and heavier barrel to facilitate higher rate of fire, solenoid electric trigger, gas regulator and several others.

PKT permits only automatic fire, is belt-fed, and the ammo box holds 250 rounds.


Machine-gun:             7.62mm PKT (6P7)
Length:                          1,098 mm
Weight (empty):         10.5 kg
Barrel length:              722 mm
Barrel weight:              3.23 kg

Direct fire range:         650 m (at running target)
Effective range:            1,500 m
Maximum range:          4,000 m

Rate of fire:                    700 .. 800 (250 practical) rds/min

Ammo box:                     250 rounds
Ammo box weight:       9.4 kg
Total ammo allowance:   2000 rounds (T-72B(M), T-72BK, T-90)
                                                 1250 rounds (T-80U, T-80U(M))
                                                 750 rounds (T-80UK)


Anti-Tank capability is a launcher with x2 firing tubes mounted on both the right and left hand side of the turret. These will fire The Kornet (Russian: “Корнет”; English: Cornet) ATM missiles.

Kornet (Russian: “Корнет”; English: Cornet) ATM missiles


Its fearsome reputation is derived from its extreme range that’s far beyond current anti-tank missiles. The FGM-148 Javelin, for example, can only deliver its lethal top attack warhead 2.5 kilometers away while the original Kornet-E developed by the Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) had a maximum range of 5.5 km.

  To outdo rival systems, KBP upgraded the Kornet. Improved Kornet-EM has twice the maximum range of its predecessor.

  The Kornet’s tandem HEAT warhead is just as intimidating for its size. With a 152 mm diameter it is one of the largest ATGM’s ever built. This feature is meant to defeat the threat posed by Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) on modern tanks.

  The 9M133 Kornet (Western designation AT-14 Spriggan) was first introduced in 1994 and has since inspired subtle, albeit persistent, demand from many countries—including states that weren’t traditionally customers of Russian hardware. This missile was adopted by the Russian Army in 1998.

Entered service 1998
Armor penetration 1 000 mm
Range 5.5 km
Missile length 1 200 mm
Missile diameter 152 mm
Missile weight 8.2 kg
Total weight with launcher 29.2 kg
Warhead weight 7 kg
Warhead type Tandem HEAT
Guidance Laser guided


The gunner sighting equipment includes day and night channels. His sight is located to the right of the main gun. The commanders sight has the same capabilities and located on the tip of the turret on the left, giving the vehicle a hunter killer capability.

The Boomerang-BM has other equipment, which maybe optical jamming and other active protection systems.

Source: Tank Nut Dave

Updated Aug 15, 2016


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