The BTR-82A is an advanced 8×8 wheeled armoured personnel carrier (APC) being manufactured by Military Industrial Company of Russia for use by the armies of Russia and Kazakhstan.

The first prototypes of the vehicle were unveiled in December 2009. The APC’s features were demonstrated during the 15th Interpolitex State Security Materiel Show at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre in Moscow in October 2011. It was also displayed at the Russian Expo Arms 2011 show in Nizhny Tagil.


The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan accepted 30 new BTR-82A combat vehicles in December 2012. The vehicles were deployed with the military unit 25744.

Production of the BTR-82A APCs for the Russian Army was started in September 2013. The first APC is expected to be delivered in 2014.

Design and features of BTR-82A APC

The BTR-82A APC was developed based on the design of BTR-80A. The vehicle offers improved protection capabilities than its predecessor.


The APC measures 7.65m in length, 2.9m in width and 2.8m in height. It has a weight of 15,400kg and accommodates up to three crew and seven troops. The cabin is fitted with new seats and air-conditioning system to provide more comfort for the occupants.

Air-conditioning unit 

BTR-82A APC armament

The BTR-82A APC can perform combat operations 24 hours a day. The main armament of the APC is 30mm dual-feed automatic cannon. The gun can fire armour piercing-tracer (AP-T) projectiles, high-explosive fragmentation-incendiary (HEF-I) and high-explosive-tracer (HE-T) ammunition.

2A72 30-mm canon

2A72 30-mm canon

• weapon type: Single-automatic gun;
• caliber: 30 mm;
• Ammo Capacity: 30 × 165 mm;
• Energy: 150-180 kJ; [3]
• automatic operating principle: the gas outlet;
• Length: 3027 mm;
• barrel length: 2400 mm (80 caliber);
• The number of grooves 16;
• step rifling: 715.5 mm;
• Total weight: 115 kg;
• weight of the barrel: 38.5 kg;
• the rate of fire: 550 and 200-300 min-1;
• the impact force of 40-50 kN (4,000-5,000 kg);
• the initial velocity armor-piercing tracer (BT) projectile: 970 m / s;
• the initial velocity armor-piercing projectile (BPS) Index “Kerner” 1120 m / s;
• voltage electric trigger and contactor on the DC 27 V;
• powered guns: two-tape;
• Recharge: pyrotechnic and manual;
• manual reset force: 400 N (40 kg);
• force manual recharge with extraction Osieczna cartridge: up to 600 N (60 kg);
• the number of squibs 3 pcs .;
• a way to charge ignition: hammering;
• fire management: remote from the electric trigger and mechanical;
• Operating temperature range: -50 to +50 ° C;
• barrel life: 6000 shots (up to 1995), 9000 (after 1995) [4]
• Effective range: • on manpower – up to 4000 m;
• The light armored vehicles – up to 1500 m;
• air targets – up to 2000 m (at subsonic speed and incline range of up to 2,500 meters). 30-мм_пушка_2А42 


These weapon/ammunition systems are capable of engaging the following targets:

  • Low-flying aerial targets (fixed and rotary wing aircraft, UAV’s, cruise missiles, stand-off weapons )
  • Lightly armoured targets (APC’s, IFV’s)
  • Wide range of ground targets – field fortifications, dismounted infantry etc.
  • Wide range of targets in urban warfare

Basic features:

  • Advanced propellant charge design, providing for high ballistic performances of the projectile, low weight and small dimensions of the cartridge case, as well as for small cannon dimensions and weight and high weapon system ammunition capacity.
  • Highly reliable mechanical gun primer
  • Advanced steel cartridge case manufacturing technology, providing for high mechanical stress resistance and extremely high rate of fire weapon capabilities
  • Modern HE projectile design, providing extremely high interior and exterior ballistic performance and terminal efficiency against wide range of aerial and ground targets
  • Highly effective explosive charge ( RDX or RDX / Al mixture )
  • Effective range against aerial targets at more than 3000 m
  • Effective range against ground targets at more than 4000 m
  • Advanced impact fuzes with highly reliable self-destruction device
  • Highly reliable tracers with long burning time, enabling visual control of projectile’s flight
  • High flexibility of tactical use
  • Target practice/target practice with tracer rounds for training purposes


BTR-82A Armored Personnal Carrier to receive anti-tank gun: Here


“The installation of the 57 mm naval gun will significantly increase the firepower of the vehicle. It has a firing rate of about 120 rounds per minute. The aforementioned gun can eliminate all types of modern medium IFVs on the battlefield. The integration of the AU-220M Baikal RCWS with the upgraded BTR-82A armoured personnel carrier will also increase the internal volume of the vehicle,” the source said.

It is noteworthy that the AU-220M unmanned turret is in high demand on both domestic and global arms markets. For instance, Kazakhstan`s MoD has integrated the station with the Barys wheeled armoured vehicle (a licensed copy of the Mbombe IFV developed by the South African Paramount Group). In 2015, the Emirates Defense Technology (EDT) company from the United Arab emirates (UAE) signed with Russia`s JSC Rosoboronexport (a subsidiary of the Rostec state corporation) the agreement to integrate the AU-220M unmanned module with the Enigma 8×8 wheeled APC. “Several nations have already revealed their interest in the acquisition of the AU-220M Baikal RCWS,” the source added. Source

57mm gun

The gun has a new automatic loading capable ammunition feed system that houses 20 ready-to-fire rounds as shown below.

The 57mm gun with the AP round has a penetration capability of 130mm of Steel at a range of 1.000m. I would expect the penetration would be much better for the huge 57mm caliber.
The 35mm APFSDS round has 120mm penetration at the same range.
BTR-82A firing the 30mm canon

Mbombe 8 IFV: Details

The secondary armament of the vehicle includes a 7.62mm PKTM coaxial machine gun. The turret incorporates two-axis stabilisation, new sighting channels, and three forward-facing 81mm smoke grenade launchers on each side. The firing elevation ranges from -7° to +70°.

7.62mm PKTM coaxial machine gun
Length of gun:

Theoretical rate of fire:

Combat rate of fire:

Maximum range:

Muzzle velocity:

Effective range of ground targets:

Number of cartridges in the belt:

Weight of gun:

Mainly weight:

1100 mm

700-800 rounds/min

250 rounds/min

3800 m

830 m/s

1000 m

1000 pcs

10.5 kg

3.2 kg


Observation and fire control

The gunner’s station is equipped with TKN-4GA day / night fire control system.

TKN-4GA day / night fire control system


Thermal Combined universal sight TKN-4ga03 is designed for surveillance in combat, search, detection, identification purposes and to ensure aimed fire from a machine-gun complex cannon (30 mm caliber cannon (2A72, 2A42, etc.) and PKT machine gun (M) of 7.62 mm), of a set of machine-gun (gun KPVT 14.5 mm caliber machine gun PKT (M)) of the object BTVT weapons against ground and air targets in day and night conditions.

Modification of TKN-4ga03 is a modernized sight TKN-4ga02 KDU UPU and placed in the product vsesutochnym thermal channel (instead of the combined daynight on EOPe). The use of thermal imaging channel in the sight TKN-4ga03 makes it possible to implement surveillance, aimed fire at ground and air targets around the clock, including in adverse conditions: smoke, fog, dust, snow, rain, maskingThe sight TKN-4ga03 enhances the range of parameters of vision and precise shooting object in 1,5 ÷ 2 times with respect to the serial product, regardless of ambient light level, time of day, season and weather conditions, the characteristics of the combat situation on the ground, using only passive mode.

The sight is designed for installation in wheeled armored personnel carriers BTR-type80, BTR-82, BTR-82A, as well as the type of BMP objects, BMD, MT LME, Fri.
Structurally, the main option sight TKN-4ga03 consists of:
Thermal imaging of multiple channels;
Daily single channel.

Translated by Google – Source 

The commander is provided with advanced communications and topographic maps. The TKN-AI surveillance camera with laser range finder ensures the commander to detect enemy targets within the range of 3km.

TKN-AI surveillance camera with laser range finder

tkn_ai_900x8005B15DTKN-AI surveillance camera with laser range finder

The armoured vehicle is fitted with an improved fire extinguishing system, new R-168-25-U2 radio station, Trona-1 topographic orientation system, and night vision systems.

R-168-25-U2 radio station

تصویرR-168-25-U2 radio station @defencetalk.comR-168-25-U2 radio station

Transportable radio VHF P168-25UE2 provides a radio in the radio network control tactical regiment battalion company.

-block matching filter;
-block fans;
Types of work:
Telephone (TEL) with frequency modulation (FM).
STA technical masking of voice information.

Data transfer from the external equipment.
Modes of operation:
Fixed frequency (RF) (simplex, dual frequency simplex).
The pseudo-random rearrangement of the operating frequency (frequency hopping) (simplex).
Adaptive Communications (AC) (simplex, dual frequency simplex).
Scanning the reception for 8 preset frequencies
Working with the Noise Suppressor.

Manual and automated recording of radio data from the radio data input device with optical interface (UVRD-O) or from an external computer.
Emergency radio data erasure.
Sending and receiving circular, address and tone calls.
Management of external computer via interface K8-232S.
Voice informer operator actions.
Interactive mode.
Automated control performance.
Simpleksilidvuhchastotnyysimpleksnaodnoyiz8zaranee prepared frequencies
Simultaneous voice and data.

Translated by Google – Source 

The Trona-1 improves navigation by integrating the BTR-82A’s navigation system with the receiver of Navstar GPS and GLONASS satellite navigation systems.


The armoured hull of the APC is made up of Kevlar laminated synthetic material to provide ballistic protection. The reinforced floor with multi layers offers protection against improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and mine blasts. The spall liners inside the vehicle armour also protect the crew against explosion.

The APC features a special suspension with energy-absorbing properties to provide increased protection for the personnel from mine blasts. It is also fitted with an overpressure nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) protection system.

Engine and mobility of BTR-82A APC

The BTR-82A is powered by KAMAZ 740.14-300 turbo diesel engine which generates a power of 300hp.

KAMAZ 740.14-300 turbo diesel engine

KAMAZ 740.14-300 turbo diesel engine @Hadiipari javítás

The vehicle can accomplish a maximum speed of 100km/h on road and has a maximum range of 600km. The upgraded transmission components ensure increased average speed on uneven surfaces.

The fully amphibious vehicle also integrates a central tyre-pressure monitoring system and is propelled by a water-jet when on the water.


Main material source

Updated May 26, 2017


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