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Royal Thailand Air Force Gripens and Chinese PLAAF J-11 joint exercises – Asia News and World News

Asia News and World News

Wilfrey Morena | 22:45

Thailand Gripens and Chinese PLAAF J-11 joint exercises 1

Thailand Gripens and Chinese PLAAF J-11 joint exercises 3

Thailand Gripens and Chinese PLAAF J-11 joint exercises 5

Thailand Gripens and Chinese PLAAF J-11 joint exercises 6

Thailand Gripens and Chinese PLAAF J-11 joint exercises 8

Thailand Gripens and Chinese PLAAF J-11 joint exercises 9

Thailand Gripens and Chinese PLAAF J-11 joint exercises 11

Thailand Gripens and Chinese PLAAF J-11 joint exercises 12

Thailand Gripens and Chinese PLAAF J-11 joint exercises 13

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J-11A fighters from China attend joint drill in Thailand



By Yuan Can (People’s Daily Online)    15:24, November 20, 2015

J-11A fighters from the People Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force have flown to Thailand to participate in a Sino-Thailand joint military drill this month. The Royal Thai Air Force sends the newest type of fighter JAS-39C/D to join the drill.

According to China’s Defense Ministry, the “Falcon Strike 2015” drills take place at the Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base from Nov. 12-30, 2015.

The maneuver is aimed at “improving mutual learning and understanding between the two countries’ aviation force troops, deepening pragmatic cooperation and enhancing trust and friendship”, according to the PLA Air Force spokesperson Shen Jinke.











Source: People’s Daily Online 


Beretta Unveils New Battle Rifle at Paris Gun Show – Sputnik


23:43 19.11.2015(updated 03:48 20.11.2015)

Italian firearms manufacturer Beretta Defense Technologies showed off its new ARX-200 battle rifle at the Milipol show in Paris.

The event kicked off Tuesday, just days after the terror attacks that killed 129 people and injured hundreds more in France’s capital city.

Milipol brings together homeland security officials and top security firms from around the world to walk showroom floors and view the latest weapons, equipment, vehicles and more.

The ARX 200 was developed to meet the requirements of the Italian Army, which currently uses the ARX-160 rifle. The new rifle has similar look to the ARX-160 and is designed to be familiar to a user of either.

Gas-piston operated with locked breech and rotating bolt, the rifle has single shot and automatic firing capabilities.

The ARX-200 weighs just shy of 10 pounds without a magazine. It achieved an accuracy pretty much in line with designated marksman rifles. The rifle is also compatible with Beretta’s grenade launcher.

Milipol is a biennial event sponsored by the French Ministry of Interior and conducted in partnership with the French National Police and Gendarmerie, Civil Defense, French Customs and other key partners like INTERPOL.

Over 900 companies from 49 countries brought their equipment to the last Milipol in 2013.

Anti-terrorism has always been a key focus of the event, which brings together leading security minds to share lessons learned and find solutions to current threats.

Access to Milipol is always restricted, and the event is limited to qualified security professionals and military or government representatives that have been vetted and approved in advance.  After Friday’s attacks, Milipol announced that the event would proceed with enhanced security measures.

On Wednesday, briefings focused on assessing the global terrorism threat. In addition to recent events, experts will discuss security measures at next year’s European soccer championships in France.

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Source: Sputnik


Beretta ARX 200 Technical Specifications

Calibre 7.62 x 51 mm
(configurable for 5.56 x 45 mm & 7.62 x 39 mm)
Locking system Locked breech – Rotating bolt
Operating system Gas piston
Barrel and rifling 16” free-floated barrel
4 right-handed grooves at a pitch of 279mm (11”)
Magazine 20 round, polymer
Adapter available for SR-25 type magazines
Length Extended stock: 1000 mm
Collapsed stock: 890 mm
Folded stock: 730 mm
Weight (without magazine) 4.5 kg

Source: armamentresearch.com