TU-214SR, the Russian ‘Doomsday Plane’

This fixed-wing aircraft, a modified version of the Tupolev Tu-214 airliner, has been developed especially for the Presidential Executive Office.

Tupolev Tu-214SR, a modified version of the Tu-214, is the Russian so called ‘Doomsday Plane.’ Outfitted with a state-of-the-art multi-intelligence payload, it was designed to provide the Russian leadership with a mobile command and control center in case of a major cataclysm or a global war. Source sputniknews.com


While significantly less is known about capabilities of the 214SR than the E-4B , we do know that it carries an MRC-411 multi-intelligence payload, which includes electronic intelligence (ELINT) sensors, side-looking Synthetic Aperture Radar (to spot incoming air threats from long range), and a variety of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Communications Intelligence (COMINT) equipment. Four onboard generators provide ample amperage while a set of external fuel tanks allow the plane to remain aloft for trips up to 10,000 km.

Tupolev_Tu-214SR,_Rossiya_Airlines_JP7350483Image: From the net6684016489_e13559d399_bImage: From the net

The two such 214SRs entered service in 2008 with the Presidential Special Applications Squad and are operated by a crew of four. However, the plane was only declassified last year when it made its public debut at the Moscow Air Show. Since then, it’s been spotted in the skies above both the Sochi Olympics, and more recently—and ominously—in Crimea.  Source gizmodo.com

Tu-214 SR was especially developed for use by the President of the Russian Federation as commanding airborne center.

The first flight took place in 2008 and is a modified Tu-214.

Externally Tu-214 SR differs from its aerodynamic cover on the top of the fuselage. It can accommodate up to 62 persons and has extended electric power resources since 4 generators were added on it.

The crew is now 4 persons (instead of 2) and its range was increased from 7,000 to 10,000 km due to use of external fuel tanks.

It’s first flight of Tu-214 SR (RA-64515) was performed in April 27, 2008, while the second prototype with serial number RA-64516 first flew in December 10, 2008. Both were delivered on June 1, 2009 and were incorporated in the Presidential Special Applications Squad.

The new Tu-214 SR replaced the aged Il-18, which had stayed in service for over 40 years.

Tu_214_SR (600 x 224)Aircraft transponder © K. Panitsidis
OKB Tupolev
Aircraft transponder
Two engine bypass engine PS-90A
Thrust, kg
2 x 16.000
Length, m
Height, m
Wing span, m
Wing area, m2
Empty aircraft, kg
Normal take-off, kg
Maximum take-off, kg
Internal fuel, kg
Maximum speed, km/h
Cruising speed, km/h
Range, km
Service ceiling, m

Source redstar.gr

Updated Oct 14, 2017

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