TOP SECRET – Outcome of China and Thailand First Strike Falcon Joint Military Exercise – With Chinese News Video (no Eng sub)

It is reported that the Gripen of the Royal Thai Air Force defeated the Su-27 or J-11 in 4:0 victory

According to China Times

Thai Air Force war was defeat Communist forces under review

At 22:56 on May 3, 2016 

Discussion of recent military zone continental spread a less glorious past, the CPC and the end of 2015. Thailand joint military exercises in simulated air combat project, the CCP main fighter Su-27 and J-11 were Thai Air Force JAS-39 “Griffin “4: 0 result of defeat by the Continental Army fans talk.

This air combat simulation called “Eagle -2015” exercise, the CPC operating J-11 pilots, the latest against the Thai Air Force JAS-39C / D type, although at the end of the exercise, the two sides executives publicly say that “the outcome of each.” but the British magazine “Air Force Monthly” the latest was disclosed some details of the exercise, the Thai reporter author wrote to his personal experience as well as communication with the Thai Air Force pilot, insider account of the exercise, including the Chinese Communist Party sent best pilot participation, but also a test of Thailand JAS-39C / D, but the most shocking still air combat simulation results: in some subjects, the “Griffin” with a 4: 0 victory over the J-11.

Many military commentators noted that the performance difference between both fighters, to explain the final result, mostly classified as three reasons:

1. This is a 1-on-1 combat singled out, the comparison is purely aircraft performance, so the problem is not the quality of the pilot, but the aircraft performance issues.

2. Thailand operate Western-style electronic digital fighter for a long time, including the F-16 and JAS-39C / D is the most innovative avionics, can be called “fourth generation semi-fighter.”

3. The CCP dispatched J-11 avionics early configuration, although there is also shot from outside the missile, but compared with the JAS-39C / D, operating procedures excessive.

Some commentators also believe that, JAS-39C / D small and flexible, this type of heavy long-range J-11 fighter is not unexpected defeat. However, most of the military fans unhappy with this result, even if they think that these J-11 is not the most advanced, but still belong to the first line of the Guangzhou Military Region fighters, even if have to beat Thailand, how on Japan, South Korea, the United States? and Su-27 Flanker fighter series has always been to be able to show “stall maneuver” world-famous, it is difficult to accept that it is not flexible enough.

However, some comments are encouraged from the perspective that abroad against its meaning is quite important, purpose of the exercise is to understand their own lack of know opponents strengths, this is the most important. The test of the West’s most superb JAS-39C / D type Griffin, can thus learn better operating system configuration for the Chinese mainland next generation of aircraft development is very informative, and harvest more valuable.

(China Times)

Translated by Google


It seems this is not an isolated incident at Red Flag 2013 Saab Gripen flying as Red Force had the highest F-22 kills!  

The highest scores of kills at Red Flag 2013 NATO exercise: Link

So F-16, F-18, F-15, Su-27, Su-30s beware of the little nibble Gripen!


Military News Challenge the best version – “F-11” fighters were Thailand 0: 4 defeat, the CCP is to review the Air Force combat capability?

Gripen Awesome Maneuvers

Pics from Falcon Strike 2015

Thailand Gripens and Chinese PLAAF J-11 joint exercises 3FOREIGN201511201524000440194611312Thailand Gripens and Chinese PLAAF J-11 joint exercises 112243591_1086762541363394_1242042751746819179_nFOREIGN201511201524000443803690588FOREIGN201511201524000458840828672

Saab Gripen RTAF: Details12234916_728409483957683_2994003659219709671_n

J-11 or Su-27 of the PLAAF: DetailsFOREIGN201511201524000435156237622PLAAF announces on exercise Falcon Strike 2015 with Royal Thai Air Force


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