Turkey’s TF-X Program

Progress report

Turkish defense firms join forces for 5th-gen combat aircraft


“We have Aselsan for avionics and computer hardware, we have Havelsan for software, TAI also has its software team,” he said.

The actuators, which provide movement of the wings and control surfaces in warplanes, are the result of a partnership established by TAI, Altınay and a Ukrainian company.

TAI is working to produce the transparent canopy surrounding the cockpit locally, Kotil continued and said: “There is a very effective radar in the nose of the plane. We gave this task to Aselsan, they are working on it. There are sensors on the plane, produced by both Aselsan and Havelsan.”

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey’s (TÜBITAK) Information Security Advanced Technologies Research Center’s (BILGEM) is developing the central computers.

Pavotek, another Turkish company, is developing the power distribution system.

Here’s how much one future TF-X fighter jet will cost Turkey


ANKARA, Turkey — A Ukrainian engine will power Turkey’s new Atak II-class T929 helicopter, the head of Turkish Aerospace Industries announced Monday in a TV interview, during which he also identified the price of the future TF-X fighter jet as $100 million per unit.

Turkish and UK ministers are battling to save the fifth generation fighter jet project: Here


Turkish and UK ministers are battling to save a flagship partnership to develop a fifth generation fighter jet following a dispute over the role of a Turkish company involved in the project for its close ties to Qatar and Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Financial Times reported.

Turkey set to finalise national jet plans with Rolls Royce: Here


Turkey and engine manufacturer Rolls Royce will finalise negotiations on an engine design program for the country’s first homemade jet fighter by July 31, the TF-X, Burak Ege Bekdil wrote for Defense News on Tuesday.

Russia interested in developing engines to power Turkey’s TF-X fighter aircraft: Here


Turkey’s program for the design, development and production of the country’s first indigenous fighter jet gained pace late in April when two local prime contractors joined forces to outline a production scheme for critical parts.

TAI and ASELSAN to develop systems for TF-X national fighter jet: Here


The Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI) and ASELSAN, which are among the leading defense companies in the country, yesterday signed a preliminary agreement of cooperation regarding the production of the National Fighter Jet, the TF-X, a project of critical importance for the domestic defense industry. The deal took place at the Eurasia Airshow, the largest aviation event in Turkey and held under the auspices of the presidency. The two tech giants develop critical systems such as national radar, electronic warfare and electro-optical systems for the aircraft.

Turkey, UK officials meet over status of Turkish jet program: Here


Top officials from Turkey have met with a high-profile British delegation to discuss ways to go forward with plans to design, develop and build the TF-X, the Turkish indigenous fighter jet in the making.

Turkey sets timetable for critical phase of its fighter jet program: Here


Turkey’s defense procurement authorities have given pace to their work to select an engine know-how supplier that will be the backbone of the TF-X, an indigenous Turkish fighter jet in the making.

“We may not hold onto our original target of officially announcing a technology partner (for the engine) in January, but we will come very close to it,” said a senior procurement official familiar with the program.

Turkey ready to build ‘best fighter in the world’: Here


The general director of Turkish Aerospace Industries on Monday said his firm would soon be ready to work with U.K. counterparts on Turkey’s domestic fighter jet project.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency’s Finance Desk, Temel Kotil said work would begin after the 13th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF) which will start in Istanbul on Tuesday.

Britain, Turkey sign defense deal to develop Turkish fighter jet: Here


Britain and Turkey signed a defense deal worth more than 100 million pounds on Saturday to develop Turkish fighter jets, opening the way to deeper cooperation over the lifetime of the project.

BAE-Turkey Fighter Jet Plan Said Delayed After Failed Coup: Here


BAE Systems Plc’s deal to develop Turkey’s first home-built fighter jet has been delayed as the U.K. assesses the aftermath of the attempted coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, according to people familiar with the situation.

BAE chosen to assist with Turkey’s TFX fighter project: Here


Following the selection of BAE, Ankara is expected to choose one of the concepts within the next few weeks, and sign an agreement with its development partner by February 2016. It has named Airbus Defence & Space as its second choice, and for now will continue talks with both parties.

Below are some of the rendering 


Updated Apr 27, 2018

Main image by Bloomberg / Photographer Jasper Juinen

8 thoughts on “Turkey’s TF-X Program

  1. huk

    The last 3 rendering images on the post are actually from the KFX program, the South Korean next gen. fighter jet. Someone photoshopped the image.


    1. Berman Mo

      Due to the current dispute with the United States over the purchase of the S400 missile, it ia doubtful this fighter will every be built since a lot of these programs are depended on transfer of American and European technology, which at this point seemed unlikely.


  2. Pounce

    Plans to have the fighter operational by 2023 are now under scrutiny by some analysts,

    In light of all the delays that nearly all recent aircraft have faced, having a 5th Gen aircraft up and flying within 5 years is really ambitious.

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