List of ships inducted to Chinese Navy in 2016 a total of 150,000 tons

【Exclusive】 2016 Navy into the ship inventory, the total tonnage of 150,000 tons! -【独家】2016海军入列舰艇大盘点,总吨位15万吨!

Source: China Navy Network

▋ finishing: Chen Guoquan, Yan Pei

In 2016, the Chinese navy ship into the column to continue to maintain the “dumplings” of the violent posture, a new ship sailed toward the ocean head, watch the motherland thousands of miles. Today, according to published reports, the Chinese navy warship navy network will “new members” to sort found that the annual total column into a guided missile destroyers, guided missile frigate nine, five tank landing ship, supply ship 3, wherein 20000 ton ship reaches 4, the total tonnage of vessels listed nearly 15 million tons, really exciting. Let us witness the development of the Chinese Navy in 2016 speed! . Translated by google 


See details: Here


Details of some of the ships are listed below:

Type 054A (Jiangkai II) Class Frigate: Detailsaabafc755ca210076c1999f8a31b0134

Type 052D destroyer: Detailstype-052d-destroyer-using-qd280-engines

Type 052C Destroyer: Detailsd7597cec4288f63d8663d32b21379eae

Jiangdao Class (Type 056) Corvette: Detailsplan-chinese-type-056-corvette-abcdef-peoples-liberation-army-navy-pakistan-pn-export-navy-frigate-lite-anti-ship-missile-ascm-yj802345k-c-hq-1012-ciws-20-jpg

Yuzhao Class landing platform dock: Details

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