Type 075 LHD Amphibious Assault Ship

China to Start Construction on 1st Type 075 LHD Amphibious Assault Ship for PLAN Soon

Published: Wednesday, 26 October 2016 11:47

According to our source in China, the steel cutting of the first Type 075 Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) for the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN or Chinese Navy) is expected to take place by the first quarter of 2017

Type 075 LHD PLAN China 01Unofficial artist impression of what PLAN’s future Type 075 LHD may look like

China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) is said to have been awarded the contract and will therefore act as prime contractor. CSSC is one of the two largest shipbuilding conglomerates in China (the other being the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation – CSIC). CSSC is one of the top 10 defence groups in China, consists of various ship yards, equipment manufacturers, research institutes and shipbuilding related companies, some of the well known shipbuilders in China such as Jiangnan Shipyard and Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding are currently owned by CSSC.

Type 075 LHD PLAN China 02Unofficial artist impression of what PLAN’s future Type 075 LHD may look like

The Type 075 LHD is expected to have a displacement of 36,000 tons. In comparison, a Mistral-class LHD displaces 21,000 tons full load, the Juan Carlos LHD 26,000 tons and the Wasp-class 40,500 tons.

Type 075 LHD should be able to deploy and accommodate up to 30x helicopters (Z-8, Z-9, Z-18, Ka-28, Ka-31) with 6x helicopter spots on the flight deck and the main elevator located at the stern.

For self protection, the LHD is set to be fitted with 2x H/PJ-11 eleven-barreled 30mm CIWS and 2x HQ-10 short range SAM launchers.

Finally, the contract for the new Type 054B frigates should be signed soon, while the extension work at the Shanghai shipyard will be completed by 2017 (construction of a future CATOBAR aircraft carrier will then be possible at this shipyard).

Type 075 LHD PLAN China 03Unofficial artist impression of what PLAN’s future Type 075 LHD may look like

Original post: navyrecognition.com




Size comparison with Type 071 LPD


燃烧的哈尔科夫 via @Rupprecht_A

Yuzhao Class (LPD) Type 071: Details


Photo by Li Tang/for chinadaily.com.cn



Termed a Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD), this type off ship allows marines to capture beaches and land supplies on enemy territory. Possessing this type of warship represents yet another step change in China’s rapidly expanding maritime capability, joining aircraft carriers, air defense destroyers and underwater drones in an impressive new lineup.

Amphibious ships are particularly relevant because of China’s vast territorial claims in the South China Sea, border disputes further north with Japan, and the long-standing threat to the last holdout from the communists: Taiwan. For many years a potential Chinese assault on Taiwan was mocked as the “million-man swim” because the navy did not have anything approaching the amphibious capability needed to land enough troops on the island. Today these derogatory jokes are fading into memory as defense watchers count the new warship in China’s naval modernization. Source forbes.com

Probably the best set of images of the first Type 075 LHD so far from today: Here







Other post on the net claim that it is already being constructed


Source chinesemilitaryreview.blogspot.com

Type 075B?


Development of a new type of amphibious assault ships commenced in China in 2011. It was clearly inspired by US amphibious assault ships. First images from shipyards became available in 2012-2013. The lead ship was built in an extremely fast pace, considering that it is a completely new project for China’s shipbuilding industry. In 2019 China launched its first large amphibious assault ship. The lead ship is nearing completion and should be commissioned in 2020. The second vessel of the class is already under construction. There are reports that 3rd ship of the class is also planned. Construction of these new warships shows high level of resources China is devoting towards its offensive capabilities. When fully operational the new Type 075 amphibious assault ships will bolster China’s amphibious capabilities, which today rely on smaller and less capable Type 071 amphibious transport docks.


The Type 075 class ships were designed to support marines during landing operations against defended positions ashore. There is a flight deck and hangar facilities below decks. The Type 075 class will carry around 30 helicopters. These warships have a well deck and also support amphibious assault by sea. The Type 075 class ships can operate as flagships for expeditionary strike groups.

Actual classification of the Type 075 is an Amphibious Helicopter Dock. It only slightly smaller than US America and Wasp class amphibious assault ships. However the Type 075 is significantly larger than Japanese and South Korean amphibious assault ships. Furthermore there are indications that China plans to build an even larger amphibious assault ship.


This amphibious assault ship will carry a mix of helicopters including Z-8, Z-9, Z-18, Ka-28 and Ka-31. The flight deck will have around 6 spots for helicopters. Most of these helicopters will be transport helicopters. The Type 075 class could also carry VSTOL aircraft, however currently China has got no suitable aircraft for these warships. Although a related engine development project is underway.

The new amphibious assault ships will carry various amphibious armored vehicles, including Type 63A and ZBD 2000 amphibious light tanks and ZBD 2000 amphibious infantry fighting vehicles.

Well deck of the Type 075 will accommodate a couple of landing craft or at least two Type 726A hovercraft, that are extremely similar to the US LCAC.

There were reports that the Type 075 amphibious assault ships will be fitted with four HHQ-10 short-range air defense missile systems and two H/PJ-11 close-in weapon systems. These defensive systems are already used on other China’s warships. So the Type 075 class will carry only short-range defensive armament. Protection of these amphibious assault ships will be provided by escorting warships. Source military-today.com

Updated Sept 30, 2019

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