New Phantom 380-X1 MARP/ MPCV EOD 4×4

Structure under the car Can withstand explosion level 4B. Mobility on the road in terrain.

A versatile 4×4 armored vehicle for reconnaissance in hazardous areas. You can carry 11 soldiers, including 1 pilot and 1 unit commander.

New Phantom 380-X1 MARP – Sompong NondhasaNew Phantom 380-X1 MARP – Sompong Nondhasa

Cummins 380 Euro 3 engine

Type 6 cylinder turbo 380 horsepower torque at 1835 NM at 1200 rpm, capacity 10.8 liters GVW19000KG 6-speed automatic transmission

Cummins QSM 6 10.8?

The QSM high-pressure injection system and electronic controls ensure clean, powerful and efficient operation every time. The ECM continuously monitors data from strategically placed sensors within the engine, optimizing the fuel-to-air mixture for maximum combustion. This increases engine responsiveness, improves fuel efficiency and significantly reduces noise levels.

Features And Benefits.

The QSM Quantum System provides superior fuel economy with strong engine performance, engine protection and other programmable features. Components include:
■ Holset HX55 Wastegated Turbo – Designed for optimum
boost across operating range.
■ The Venturi™ Oil Filter and Lube System – 10-micron
LF9001 Filter from Fleetguard combines with a new
lubrication system. Can double oil change intervals –
up to 700 hours in some applications.
■ CELECT™ Electronic Engine Management – Providessuperior performance, fuel efficiency, diagnostics and prognostics using full-authority electronics. Its programmable features let you customize engine performance to equipment use.
■ High-Capacity ECM – New space-efficient Electronic Control Module packs ten times more memory and ten times more processing power.
■ Sealed Sensors – Fully sealed to resist water intrusion. Combined temperature and pressure sensors reduce inventory and simplify maintenance.
■ Advanced Combustion Technology – Optimized injector tips and a reshaped steel piston bowl improve fuel economy and emissions control with longer change intervals.
■ Articulated Pistons and Liners – Steel-topped pistons handle higher cylinder temperatures for improved fuel efficiency and emissions control. Patented mid-stop cylinder liners resist cavitation and extend life-to-overhaul.
■ The Auto-Tensioning Belt Drive – Self-adjusting for optimum tension, which increases fan, alternator and fan belt life.
■ Improved Camshaft Durability – Exhaust valve lobes are designed to improve wear tolerance. The injector lobe profile has been revised to optimize injection.
■ The Rear Engine Power Take-Off (REPTO) Option – Provides additional capacity for driving remote-mounted devices.


100 amp x 2 alternating current, 150 amp x 6 24V, max speed 110 km / h

Car Dimension: 8315mm wide, 2500mm high, 3200mm

*Not much info I can find of the new model

Phantom 380 MPCV EOD Explosion Armor

Phantom 380 MPCV EOD Explosion Armor, designed by Seriphap studio, teamed with Phanus Assemble Co., Ltd.

Updated Apr 11, 2018

PHANTOM 380-X: Details

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