Russia testing “Arena-M” Active Defense System on T-72 & T-90 tanks

Active protection for the T-72 and T-90. The new version of the Arena


In Russia began initial testing of the new system of active defense of the vehicle (ASOP) “Arena-M”  intended for the family series of tanks T-72 and T-90. According to the assumptions modernization, new model ASOP is intended to provide protection against the US led anti-tank set. TOW.  

According to the agency TASS “Kонструкторское Бюро Mашиностроения” (KБM) from Tula with Urałwagonzawod from Nizhny Tagil they received a contract to install a new security system active on the latest tanks operated in Russia.

According to specialists of the new model KБM Arena uses, above all, the experience of the battles conducted in the Middle East. Possibilities of American hardware (but not only), the use of different sets of tactics ppk (or another anti-tank weapons) and use the same tactics of armored vehicles have shown that opportunities present ASOP developed in the USSR / Russia, are insufficient to various threats. On the other hand, the analyzes show that the system itself covers passive / passive (modern armor layer, reinforced with additional modules like. Contact or Relic ) is not currently able to provide effective protection to the extent that – taking into account the different possible systems and anti-mold attack with their use – give a high probability of survival of the crew and the machine itself on the battlefield.

The great importance of the work undertaken modernization provides twice visit, commander of Land Forces. Colonel. Oleg Saljukowa in KБM. The designers stress that already several times modernized the system, but Arena-M is a completely new system of protection.

Most countries are preparing requirements for ASOP seeks to be kept secret. This is due to the possibility of introducing a potential enemy weapons systems able to overcome them and working out methods to ensure effective bypass capabilities of the system of protection.

Russian ASOP Arena is an active type system “hard-kill” consisting of a multifunctional radar with high noise immunity (designed to detect and track threats), and special antypocisków high-speed, distributed around the circumference of the turret in special trays / launchers. This ASOP is integrated with the combat vehicle management and integrated into the overall system protection.

The exact structure of the complex is unknown, but probably przeciwpocisk insert consists of a covered jacket and the light is rotated in the direction of danger after firing. In standby insert may be located on its upper surface.

Despite the disclosure ASOP Arena and is designated for export, he was not in the USSR / Russia, regarded as the most perspective. He was assessed as worse than the Drozd-2 (the development version is Afganit ) or curtain / Dożda .

One of the drawbacks of the first version of the arena (also other contemporary ASOP) was the lack of combat missiles attacking from the upper hemisphere (ie. Top attack).

Afganit probably  from the ground up was designed as able to fight with missiles attacking from the top of the hemisphere – at least give Russian sources. We do not know is whether przeciwpocisk combats the threat by creating in its area podpocisków a certain density or the blast of the explosion. There were claims that przeciwpocisk uses the charge EFP (or MEFP or even EFA). All this is in contradiction with the declared possibility of the Afganita as to combat both antitank guided missiles, projectiles fired from hand-held launchers anti-min led laden EFP or missiles podkalibrowych.

Small clusters EFP is a very serious threat to the missile type APFSDS. With proper angle EFP having a diameter of 25 mm and a weight of 75 g can break the core. But the blast of the explosion longer such a threat will not. This system also has little opportunity to fight min directional laden EFP.

It seems, however, that Afganit provides the ability to defend the vehicle only in the selected sector (in this case, the azimuth angle is approx. ± 60 for sometimes referred to a maximum of ± 100 on ). This type ASOP the reason for this. intercept point (called. Intercept Point – IP) operates at distances of 2 to 30 m from the protected vehicle and the response time of over 1 ms. Its antennas serve as a means for detecting incoming missiles (and encourage the use of multispectral grenades system and possibly as part of the fight radioelekronicznej – disrupting guidance incoming projectiles) , although some reviews give them an additional function of electromagnetic emitters used for warfare.

Arena-M rather uses przeciwpocisk generating a “cloud” podpocisków. This is a system in which the point of interception is from 2 to 30 meters and that the system response time is very short. The main modification went ensure, in the fight against missile attack from the upper hemisphere. There are technical possibilities to adapt the system to such a role. Besides this ASOP can be easily integrated with the family of tanks T-72 / T-90, but its features directional mine laden with EFP are small.

Russians themselves can test the combat new Arene-M without fear of the consequences of losing the secrets of its construction, but also the “safe” to enter the data gained in the modified Afganicie .

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Designed to protect tanks and infantry fighting vehicles from anti-tank grenades, fired from any type of grenade launchers, as well as anti-tank guided missiles launched from the ground and from helicopters, armored vehicles damaging the object as a direct hit, and when flying over it.

The system comprises:

  • detection and control equipment – radar, computer, remote control (commander), blocks the conversion of commands;
  • Means of destruction – protective ammunition and mines mounting section;
  • Test equipment.


Features of the complex:

Detection and tracking of targets multifunction radar with “instant” review of the space around the protected sector;  aiming loss goals through protective ammunition highly directional action with a very high speed; fully automatic operation without the participation of the crew; complex is an all-weather and vsesutochnym, detect and engage targets in all circumstances the use of armored vehicles of the object, including the movement and turns the tower; great protection azimuth -220 ° … 270 °, is movable together with the tower; the small size of the danger area (radius of 20 … 30 m) for infantry support and lack of exposure to outdoor furnishing armored vehicles and elements of the complex when triggered ST; a large stock and the ability to intercept multiple targets, including the one direction; a high level of noise immunity and secrecy applications;

Selection of low-speed objects, debris and explosions of shells, bullets and small-caliber ammunition, as well as those moving away from the object of protection and flying past him;

EMC complex object systems and armored vehicles between the complexes in the application objects as part of AVA groups; a high level of security.


Tactical and technical characteristics:
mode automatic, vsesutochny, all-weather
Detect and target tracking radar
speed range of the targeted objectives, m / s 70-700
protection of the azimuth, degrees 270
Detection range flying up purposes, m 50
Complex reaction time, with 0.07
Power consumption, kW less than 1
Power Supply, 22 … 29
Complex Weight, kg 1000 … 1300
The volume of the apparatus, placed inside the object, dm3 less than 30
 The amount of protective ammunition at least 22
The size of the danger area for infantry support, m 20 … 30

Translated by google – Source

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