USN, USAF, Royal Thai Navy select L3 WESCAM in $90 million order

USN, USAF, Royal Thai Navy select L3 WESCAM to upgrade EO/IR capabilities

06 January 2017

Key Points

  • USN, USAF to add new EO/IR systems to MMA and AC130-J fleets
  • L3 Webcam gets first MX sale in Thailand

L3 WESCAM announced it has received several defence contracts valued at more than USD90 million for a range of airborne and maritime domain MX-series electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) imaging systems.

Among the key contracts, L3 WESCAM will supply its MX-10MS EO/IR maritime sensor system to the Royal Thai Navy for Krabi-class Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) and MX-20 EO/IR imaging systems for the US Navy (USN) and Royal Australian Air Force P-8A Multimission Maritime Aircraft (MMA).

The awards were announced on 3 January.

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Krabi Class OPV: Details

(front - back) River Class 551 HTMS Krabi, Takinami Class DD112 JDS Makinami, Luhu Class DDG113 ROCS Qingdao and P-17A F49 INS Sahyadri in formation in the Eastern Australian Exercise Area, during Exercise Triton Centenary. *** Local Caption *** The Royal Australian Navy's HMAS Perth and the Indian Navy's INS Sahyadri sailed in company as part of a "Passage Exercise" from Melbourne to Jervis Bay 27 - 29 September 2013. In the Bass Strait, the two ships conducted Officer of the Watch Manoeuvres, rehearsed Replenishment at Sea Approaches, conducted various communications exercises and exchanged personnel for short periods of time. The two ships then sailed together to Jervis Bay to prepare for the International Fleet Review. The successful exercise further developed interoperability between the two navies and demonstrated the strength and enduring nature of their relationship. The International Fleet Review, which is a nine-day celebration from 03 October - 11 October 2013 to commemorate the arrival of Navy's first fleet into Sydney.

P8 poseidon: Details



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