JMSDF Tested its XSSM Anti-Ship Missile against Barracuda USV-MT Target

At MAST Asia 2017 (Maritime Air Systems & Technologies), the naval defense exhibition held last week in Tokyo, Navy Recognition learned that Japan’s Acquisition Technology and Logistics Agency (ATLA), a branch of the MoD, used a surface target from Canadian company Qinetiq Target Systems to test one of its latest generation anti-ship missile: the XSSM.

Qinetiq’s Barracuda unmanned surface vehicle – missile target (USV-MT) is a 9 meters fiberglass hull RHIB powered by a D4 300hp marine diesel engine. Navy Recognition learned that the RHIB comes from French company Zodiac Milpro (specifically from the Zodiac Hurricane product line). Like the USV-T series on which it is based, the USV-MT operates at speeds up to 25+ knots in sea state 3, and is de

signed to carry significant weapons and performance measurement payloads for test and evaluation purposes. Read entire article Here 

Barracuda™ USV-T

Qinetiq’s Barracuda unmanned surface vehicle – missile target (USV-MT)

The target can tow several external targets for countermeasure operations.

Based on a modified navy standard, the Barracuda USV-T is a rigid hull inflatable boat powered by a 225 hp marine diesel engine. It is operated via remote line-of-sight speed and course controls.  GPS enables self-contained tracking. Telemetry and video signals provide users with system performance and position information.

The Barracuda USV-T operated by our UTCS, a STANAG 4586-compliant control station. Source

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