Japanese F-15s out maneuvered by Chinese Su-30 in recent air dual

Why is Japan F-15 so humiliating? Antique cockpit thirty years did not upgrade was sue -30 seconds

2016-12-11 14:31:03

Japanese F-15J fighter

Recently, the Japanese self defense force F-15J fighter again and Chinese Su -30MKK fighter had a contest, the parties can be learned from the report, the Japanese F-15J fighters once again lost to Chinese air force Su -30, had to release decoy escape. As everyone knows, jamming bomb is used to protect its own aircraft, is itself in the use, the disadvantage is obvious, in this contest in Japan’s F-15 fighter has been in a passive state, the air force is Chinese Su -30 fighter tail biting (6 bit).

Early in June this year, the same is Japan’s F-15J fighter and China Su -30 fighter contest, F-15 Su -30 aircraft approaching provocation, with radar Chinese fighter, then seize the favorable position of Su -30 decisive maneuver, forced the Japanese release of F-15J decoy escape. From this two Japanese F-15J fighter and the Chinese Soviet -30MKK fighter battle can be seen, the Japanese side is not only equipped with no advantage, the pilot’s technology is not as good as china.

Chinese Air Force Su -30MKK fighter

F-15 fighter as a classic American developed the three generation machine, appearance of great beauty, performance is also very good, in addition to military equipment, but also exported to Japan, South Korea, Israel, Singapore and other countries, but only Japan obtained the production license, except the United States and Japan is equipped with F-15 fighter of most countries, since 1981, received a total of 213 aircraft, including 165 single seat frame, two seater 48 aircraft, 2 single seater F-15J first obtained and 14 two seater F-15DJ made by McDonnell, the rest by the Japanese Mitsubishi Co responsible for manufacturing, by the end of 2013 and 201 aircraft in service.

Once, hundreds of Japanese F-15 fighters China really feel the pressure, but also for many Chinese fans envy, but turned upside down, now a large number of new fighters -10A\/B\/C and fighters -11B fighter into Chinese air force F -20 has been delivered, but Japan is still the same basic thirty years ago, a large number of F-15 fighters have been served for thirty years, and not after the upgrade, the aging fault, repeatedly exposed during the flight accident parts.

Japan self defense force F-15 fighter

Japan due to a defeated nation in World War II, only has the right to self-defense, so the United States sold to Japan’s F-15 belongs to air superiority, and versatile, the basic is the U.S. early version of F-15C\/D emasculated version, makes SDF F-15 fighters cannot use the precise guidance of ammunition, and it is equipped with AN\/APG-63 pulse Doppler radar do not have the ability to attack multiple target tracking, but not to AIM-120 active radar guided medium range air-to-air missile. The United States did not provide a sensitive electronic counter system to Japan, the F-15 fighter equipment and electronic warfare equipment radar alarm devices are homemade.

Japanese F-15J antique instrument cockpit

Later on the part of Japan F-15J upgraded, mainly is to upgrade the infrared photoelectric system, airborne central computer and electronic warfare system, with new radar and Link16 data link, which can use Japanese AAM-4 active radar BVR air-to-air missiles, and prepare the antique like cockpit for digital glass cockpit, but there are only a few F-15J were modified, a large number of F-15J is still in use thirty years ago cockpit.

Su -30MKK fighter glass cockpit

It is clear that the Japanese F-15 fighters with Chinese Su -30 fighter is not in the same level, whether it is -30MKK or China air force Soviet naval aviation Su -30MK2 is a flat glass cockpit under two, and the China air superiority fighter -10A\/B\/C installed a large number of columns is a flat three glass cockpit -11B, f is reached a level five, and China aircraft began to enter the active phased array radar, pulse Doppler radar with F-15J than what is?

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Well no surprise there as the Su-30 is a better fighter jet…..

This report does confirm the reports by the Western press….That Japanese fighters deployed decoy flares……

Maybe Japan should get some Gripen E as stopgap before their new stealth fighter goes into production……

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8 thoughts on “Japanese F-15s out maneuvered by Chinese Su-30 in recent air dual

  1. mick

    Time for Japan to upgrade their F-15’s to the US F-15 2040C standards until they have their stealth jets operational.


  2. Andy KC Kan

    Japan should consider acquiring the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet fighter jets and EA-18G Growler electronic warfare fighter jets to replace the rapidly ageing F-2 fighter jets.


    1. nonothai Post author

      Well it does concur with evidence that the Japanese F-15 deployed decoy flares and the only reason for that would be that the Chinese were on their 6 o’clock


  3. Tws

    To the freaking moron wrote this article, if you are going to publish an article in the english language, first learn how to speak english!!!!

    This article may or may not be accurate. But the one thing that is absolutely true is that it is full of nonsensical and incoherent sentences that make no sense!!



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