Russia presents new “Pika-M” reconnaissance radar for Su-34

“The combined instrument-corporation” (part of the State Corporation Rostec) presented at the international exhibition “Gidroaviasalon 2016” pattern radar station (RLS) side-looking “Peak – M” to equip combat aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles.

pika-mImage –

Fourth-generation radar “Peak – M “designed for radar surveillance, including for the detection of military targets of the enemy -. roads, airports, bunkers, fortifications, as well as weapons and military equipment

in the station has a function of processing radar data in real time, as well as provided a telescopic observation mode . resolution up to 30 cm in particular, the radar is able to detail “see” aircraft components – engine, keel, arms, etc., and to determine the characteristic features of its type.

The serial production of radar “Peak-M” in the “instrument-making of the Joint Corporation “is the Scientific-Research Institute” Pendant “. Initially, the product was developed for multipurpose fighter-bomber Su-34, but can be used on other types of aircraft, including drones.

“Peak-M” is part of the on-board complex RBB-3, capable of maintaining a radar surveillance in all weather conditions and at any time of the day. The station has a resolution in the map mode to 1-1.5 m, and the distance of objects detected -. 300 km

radar has successfully completed the implementation of the state program of tests in 2016. At the same time, “NII Pendant” commissioned by the Industry and Trade Ministry is developing a technology to create a side-view of the fifth-generation radars with active phased array (AESA).



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