Kongsberg’s Naval Strike Missile (NSM)

The stealth design of the NSM allows the anti-ship missile to penetrate into shipboard defences. The NSM is effectively used in littoral and open sea environments. The airframe design and the high thrust-to-weight ratio enhance the manoeuvrability of the missile.

The missile has a length of 3.96m. It can carry a 125kg HE fragmentation warhead for a maximum range of more than 185km. The launch weight of the missile is 407kg. The NSM based Coastal Defence System (CDS) includes a fire distribution centre (FDC), sea surveillance and tracking radar and an NSM launcher fire unit.

The NSM can be fired from a range of platforms against a variety of targets. The passive homing missile travels in sea-skimming mode and can make advanced terminal manoeuvres in the terminal phase, to survive enemy air defences.

The missile, using GPS-aided mid-course guidance with a dual-band imaging infrared (IIR) seeker, detects and discriminates the targets. Autonomous target recognition (ATR) of the seeker ensures accurate detection and striking of sea or land based targets. A programmable fuse is used to detonate the missile’s warhead.


Propulsion of Kongsberg Defence Systems’ NSM

The NSM is launched into the air by a solid rocket booster which is jettisoned upon ignition. The Microturbo TRI-40 turbojet engine propels the missile towards its target with high subsonic speed.


General characteristics

  • Type: Single Spool Turbojet
  • Length: 680 mm
  • Diameter: 280 mm
  • Dry weight: 44 kg


  • Compressor: 4 stage axial
  • Combustors: Annular
  • Turbine: Single-stage
  • Fuel type: JP8, JP10


The Microturbo TRI-40 is a small turbojet engine developed for use in cruise missiles and small unmanned aerial vehicles in the 2.2 – 3.6 kN thrust class.

Microturbo TRI-40 Source america.pink


The TRI-40 is a single spool turbojet engine consisting of a four-stage axial compressor, annular smokeless combustor and a single-stage turbine. It delivers a maximum thrust of 2.5-3.3kN. The engine can be run on JP8 or JP10 fuel.


Technical source kongsberg.com

Source naval-technology.com

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