Antonov An-188 Military Transport Aircraft

Antonov An-188 multi-purpose military transport aircraft is a modification of An-70 medium-range transport aircraft developed by Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing company Antonov.

The An-188 aircraft development programme was unveiled at the 51st Paris Air Show held in Le Bourget, Paris, France, in June 2015.

Turkish Undersecretary for Defense Industries (SMM) and Ukrainian state-run defence company entered a co-operative agreement to jointly produce the An-188 aircraft, during the Eurasia Airshow held in Turkey in April 2018. A scale model of the aircraft was also displayed at the air show.

The aircraft will be modified in compliance with Nato standards and will be installed with new components and equipment outsourced by foreign companies. It is intended primarily for the Ukrainian Air Force.

The aircraft will be used for transportation of personnel, cargo and all kinds of military equipment.

An-188 military transport aircraft design and features

The An-188 military transport aircraft has a length of 41m, height of 16m and wingspan of 44m. It will have a maximum take-off weight of 140t and maximum cargo carrying capacity of 50t.


The airlifter design uses a high-wing arrangement with four engines. It will be fitted with a strengthened landing gear assembly consisting of a twin-wheeled nose gear and a multi-wheeled main gear underneath the fuselage.

Featuring short take-off and landing (STOL) capability, the jet-powered aircraft will be able to perform take-off and landing on different airfields, including unpaved runways and short runways with a length of 915m.

Cargo hold of the AN-70

The cargo cabin of the aircraft will be 19.1m-long, 4m-wide and 4.1m-high. With a volume of 400m³, the spacious cargo cabin will allow for the carriage of a variety of cargo, including military equipment, Puma / Lynx helicopters, infantry fighting vehicles, construction equipment, pallets, containers, and humanitarian cargo.

by RodgerSaintJohn

The aircraft can accommodate up to 300 soldiers or 206 wounded troops over two decks when deployed in medical evacuation operation. More than 130 fully equipped paratroops can be carried aboard the aircraft in troop transport configuration.

The aircraft can airdrop up to 21t of cargo and carry heavy payloads weighing up to 35t.


Antonov An-70: Details

Cockpit and avionics

Antonov An-70 cockpit – Alexey Reznichenko

The An-188 military transport aircraft will have advanced glass cockpit that seats up to three crew members, including a pilot, a co-pilot and a flight engineer. The cockpit will feature modern head-up displays, and latest navigation and communication equipment.

The aircraft will be outfitted with modern and reliable avionics to support safe operation.

An-188 military transport aircraft propulsion and performance

The An-188 military transport aircraft will be equipped with four modern, cost-effective D-436-148FM turbofan engines, rated at 8,800kgf each.

Manufactured by JSC Motor Sich Public, the engines will deliver high speed and increased flight range with less fuel consumption. The engine is 3.7m-long, 1.78m-wide and 1.93m-high, and has a dry weight of 1,450kg.

D-436-148FM turbofan engines

Designed to power short-haul passenger aircraft with passenger capacity of up to 100 people. Installed on the An-148 and the An-158 regional passenger aircraft. It meets the effective environmental requirements of ICAO standards. In commercial production since 2005.

 Automatic control system
adjustment types:
D-436-148B D-436-148D
Takeoff (S/L static; ISA)
Thrust, kgf 6,570 7,010
Specific fuel consumption, kg/h/kgf 0.351 0.351
Maximum cruise( Н=11,000 m, Мп=0.75 ISA+10°С)
Thrust, kgf 1,560 1,560
Specific fuel consumption, kg/h/kgf 0.6 0.6
Dimensions, mm 4,034 x 1,784 x 1,930
Weight, dry, kg 1,400


The aircraft will also be compatible with AI-28 new-generation engines or CFM International LEAP high-bypass turbofan aircraft engines.

CFM International LEAP high-bypass turbofan engines

The LEAP® engine was developed by Safran Aircraft Engines and GE through their joint company, CFM International, to power the next generation of single-aisle commercial jets. Combining the best technologies from the two partners, LEAP offers operators exceptional performance while retaining the legendary reliability of the CFM56®. These capabilities have already made the engine a best seller, even before it has entered revenue service.

Applications Airbus A319neo, Airbus A320neo, Airbus A321neo
Max. takeoff thrust (lbf) 35,000
Bypass ratio 11
Fan diameter (in) 78
Number of fan/low-pressure/high-pressure compressor stages 1+3+10
Number of high-pressure/low-pressure turbine stages 7+2
Entry into service 2016


The airlifter will have a speed of approximately 800km/h and a cruising altitude of approximately 12,000m. It will be able to travel to distances up to 7,700km based on the engine type. The fuel consumption of the plane is estimated to be 4,600kg per flight hour.


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