PLA Djibouti base comes into service

Now there does lie an issue with Chinese money impeding our interests there as well. This base will be only a few miles from one of our own, and the government in Djibouti even forced us to vacate a secondary base recently because China invested more money in the way of $3 billion railroad project. Whereas the US and allies traditionally simply pay off the politicians themselves with money, China does it in a way that benefits their whole society, not just the greedy politicians. I think if the US wants to compete for influence in the 21st century, we will have to adopt similar mutually beneficial policies as well.

The key motive for so many military powers such as France, Japan, Saudi Arabia, USA, China and more is the location and proximity to the Bab al Mandeb sraight which links the Mediterranean and Red Seas to the Indian Ocean through the Suez Canal. As well, it is a very centralized hub for multiple anti-terrorism ops and UN peacekeeping missions in Africa. The imortance of this cannot be understated, especially with a direct rail line now linking Djibouti’s capitol with that of Ethiopia’s.

The Pentagon even believes China is looking towards a base in Pakistan, who is that country’s largest supplier of arms! They have already agreed to build a drone factory in Saudi Arabia as well.

The Chinese Dragon is now fully mobilized for expansion into the world, and it is going full steam ahead! Eventually down the line, it may not be so unthinkable that China, the USA, and Russia may in fact cross a path that will lead to confrontation and/or conflict. Be vigilante people, these actions can have consequences. Source

Y-8 GX6 Maritime Patrol and Anti-submarine warfare aircraft: Details

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