JSC” Scientific and Industrial Corporation “Precision Instrument Systems” – Video

JSC “SPC” CPR “- video MAX-2017 

JSC” Scientific and Industrial Corporation “Precision Instrument Systems” (AO “SPC” NGN “) – the integrated structure of the Russian space industry, designed to implement a complete closed loop in development and production of precision instrument systems, including quantum-optical and opto-electronic systems. on military issues, the company produces and tests: – Optical-location station OLS-35 Su-35S – Optical-location station OLS-UE for MiG-29K / KUB Russian Navy and the Indian Navy, as well as to staff the modernized MiG 29UPG for the Indian Air Force – optical-location station OLS-UEM for the MiG-29M / M2 Egyptian Air Force, and the MiG-35 videoconferencing RF – ECO-52 Ka-52 helicopters, the Egyptian Air Force – test target designation pod T220 / E, intended for equipping MiG-29 SMT and MiG-29M / M2 (MiG-35) and Su-35s (1-56) – release detector Ata forging Rockets (SAR), detector laser irradiation (OLO), osnaschayutsya Su-35S RF videoconferencing, Su-35S China Air Force MiG-29M / M2 Egyptian Air Force – are working under the program PAK FA. Source military informant

Main image MiG with T220 / E Targeting pod

Телестудия Роскосмоса

MiG-35/35D Fulcrum-F Multirole Fighter: Details

Su-35 Flanker-E: Details

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