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Improved Project 22350 frigate on display during IMDS 2017

Modernized frigates of project 22350 have more powerful armaments and can operate as destroyers, United Shipbuilding Corporation Vice President for military shipbuilding and Northern Shipyard Director General Igor Ponomarev told TASS during the IMDS 2017 naval show.

“The warships have stronger arms and bigger displacement. They can operate differently than frigates and engage as destroyers,” he said.

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Note the increased number of VLS cells, just in front of the bridge and in front of the helicopter hangar. It also features the new generation integrated mast of the same family as the one fitted aboard the new Project 20385 corvette

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IMDS 2017: Presentation of the new naval defense system Pancyr direct-ME – Video

IMDS 2017: Prezentacja nowego okrętowego systemu obrony bezpośredniej Pancyr-ME


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