S-300VM SAM from Russia to Egypt confirmed

Egyptian S-300VM SAM delivery confirmed

Jeremy Binnie, London – IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

06 June 2017

The delivery of the Almaz-Antey S-300VM mobile long-range air defence system from Russia to Egypt was confirmed on 6 June by a photograph posted on the vk.com Russian social media website.

The image showed 9M82-series missile canisters being unloaded from a general cargo ship at a location that could be identified as the military quay at the Egyptian port of Alexandria.

The 9M82 is the larger of two types of missiles that can be used with the S-300V-series system, the smaller one being the 9M83.

Also known as the Antey-2500, the S-300VM is the current export version of an air defence system that was originally developed in parallel with the S-300P series to protect Soviet army formations against air threats, including ballistic missiles.

Original post janes.com


S-300VM Antey-2500 SA-23: Details



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