Colombian Navy receives new riverine patrol craft

Erwan de Cherisey, Paris – IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

31 May 2017

The Colombian Navy (ARC) has received a new LPR 40 MK II riverine patrol craft, which was delivered by the Colombian Science and Technology Corporation of Naval, Maritime, and Riverine Industry Development (COTECMAR).

The vessel, christened ARC Río Cusiana , was delivered at the company’s facilities in Cartagena on 30 May, a COTECMAR source told Jane’s .

This LPR 40 MK II is the eighth unit delivered to the ARC under a contract for nine such craft that was signed in December 2014.

The LPR 40 MK II is 12.7 m long, has a 2.8 m beam, and a 12.5-tonne displacement.

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River patrol boat project LPR-40 Mk II

River patrol boat project the LPR-40 Mk II Navy of Brazil, developed and manufactured jointly by the public engineering company EMGEPRON Navy Brazilian and Colombian company COTECMAR (Corporacion de Ciencia y Tecnologia para el Desarrollo de la Industria Naval, Maritima y Fluvial), in the framework of the project BPA (Buque Patrullero Amazonico – «patrol ship to the Amazon”). LPR-40 Mk II project river patrol boat designed specifically for use on the river. Amazon.

LPR-cutter 40 Mk II equipped with two shooting positions in the fore and aft parts, which can be mounted machine gun turret Mk 95 (two paired gun Hummingbird 12.7 mm) and Mk 93 (12.7 mm machine gun or a 40 mm automatic grenade ). LPR-40 Mk II equipped with radar detection surface targets R70 company “Raytheon”.

In addition, there are two 7.62-mm machine guns in the superstructure. In order to enhance data boats using their transportation efficiency can be C-130 “Hercules” military transport aircraft.

A total of four patrol boats ordered by the Ministry of Defense of Brazil LPR-40 Mk II: two for the Navy and land forces of the country.

Specifications river patrol boat LPR-40 Mk II:

Draft, m: 12 m;

Length m: 12.7;

Width m 2.8;

Sediment, m: 0.65;

Propulsion: two diesel C-9 “Caterpillar” with a capacity of 503 liters. with working on two water-jet propulsion “Hamiltondzhet.”;

The cruising speed, kt .: 28;

Maximum speed .: 38 knots;

Cruising, miles: 513 (at a speed of 25 knots stroke.);

Endurance, days: 5;

Crew .: 4;

Troopers, pers .: 10



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