Project 22160 lead ship – “Vasily Bykov” will roll out on 15-16 June 2017

Head modular corvette project 22160 was launched on a three-month delay.

May 22, 2017

Zelenodolsk plant named. Gorky launched the Parent Project 22160 patrol ship almost three months after the deadline – the end of June. This FlotProm said a source at the company familiar with the situation.

The lead ship – “Vasily Bykov” – will roll out of the hangar on 15-16 June 2017. His plan was launched in the end of the month. “Then – docking camera, mooring trials, stage and delivery of a fleet of ships, it turns out, goes to the next year”, – said the source.

He added that the Navy deadlines of the first serial ship – “Dmitry Rogachev” – seriously will not change. May 22 FlotProm correspondent failed to get official comments from the shipyard.

September 22, 2016 CEO Renat Mistahov plant told RIA Novosti that the ship was launched in March 2017 and has promised to hand over “Vasily Bykov” fleet before the end of the year. On Saturday, May 20, 2017, Mistahov told “Interfax” that the first two ships of Project 22160 – “Vasily Bykov,” and “Dmitry Rogachev” – will pass only at the beginning and end of 2018 respectively. “Vasily Bykov” laid February 26, 2014.

The first six series of ships plan to transfer the Black Sea Fleet until 2020. Equip them, in particular by cruise missiles “Caliber”.

Expert “Independent Military Review” in the Navy Region Vladimir Shcherbakov believes that the time delay in the water “bull” understandable, because it is the lead ship. “We rarely pass military vehicles in the period A ship will be more complex aircraft or land art, -. I told FlotProm expert -. Especially as the lead ship is dealt with much more difficulty than serial projects – especially when there are a lot of new weapons and electronics. ”

According to Shcherbakova, a delay is likely not related to the installation of “Caliber”, because this process has already worked on a small missile ship Project 21631 “Buyan-M” (the lead ship – “Grad Sviyazhsk”). We can talk about the difficulties with other weapons or equipment.

Shcherbakov said that testing of the modular layout of the project made it possible to apply it to the corvette type “Perfect.” However, he pointed out some redundancy for the Navy ships such as “bull” in the presence of the project RTO 22800 “Karakurt”.

“Ships such as” Karakurt “- heirs” Buyan-M “with better seaworthiness, – said the expert -. Do not forget that” brawlers “was originally created for the Caspian Sea In addition, these small ships are able to solve problems much strategic value more modern..” WIDOW “largely eliminate the disadvantages of” Brawlers “.

“You can bet Initially it was created as a patrol boat for border guards, whether the project is 22160 fleet needs and is already on its base fleet ordered that turns out -. Said Vladimir Shcherbakov -. The ships of this class we need, but there are two similar types of need. projects 22800 and 22160, – this is a question to the “Black Widow” of questions asked. “.

deadlines for fleet head MRK 22800 project also shifted to the right: “Hurricane” promised to pass in December 2017; but in May it was announced that the deadline was moved to the first half of 2018.

Patrol vessels (corvettes) Project 22160 developed by Severnoye Design Bureau. The ships are designed for the protection and preservation of the marine economic zone, they can also perform search and rescue functions, accompany convoys and fighting pirates.

Ships with a displacement of 1,300 tons of speeds up to 30 knots. Cruising range – 6000 miles, endurance – 60 days. They are designed with a view to ensuring comfortable conditions for the crew (80 people). On board may be based helicopter Ka-27PS. As standard weapons corvettes fitted with launchers of cruise missiles “Caliber”, the new 76.2-mm gun mount, anti-aircraft missiles and machine guns.

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