Argentina, Mexico and Peru to evaluate KAI FA50

Argentina, Mexico and Peru are still interested in acquiring FA50 light fighter jets. According to, after a talk with the senior manager & head of the Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) Business Development Team, Jason H. Ahn, within the framework of Sitdef, the Peruvian Air Force (FAP) has State assessing the probable purchase of 24 units since the management of the former general commander, General Dante Arévalo Abate, but it is not the only one. Argentina and Mexico are also interested in these fighters.

Korea Aerospace Industries has once again presented as the centerpiece of its show in Sitdef the family of advanced and lightweight combat aircraft Golden Eagle, of which the FA¬50 is a component. According to Jason Ahn, the South Korean company has offered to FAP a package of similar characteristics to those made for co-production of the KT-1P basic training aircraft, and it is always likely that the customer will make some modifications to the basic configuration, in Compliance with US Department of Defense regulations for the export of weapons systems and defense equipment.

KAI remains in anticipation of the approaches that the new state administration of Peru will put on the table to meet the requirements of the FAP in the advanced training segment. It is worth remembering that the remaining MB339A copies have the days counted in active service and the training of pilots is a requirement that cannot wait.

According to the KAI representative, the South Korean Air Force aligns some 80 copies of the Golden Eagle family under a scheme of introduction of fighter jets of greater capacities and technology of last generation, considering that the qualitative advantage is a characteristic of This arms system, in relation to competition, and in relation to the potential threats of the Asian country, which added to an attractive price has aroused the interest of several Latin American governments.

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Argentina????  They just bought the Dassault-Breguet Super Étendard……

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