Najib tells France no decision yet on Rafale jets

Malaysia: PM Najib tells France no decision yet on buying Rafale jets

MALAYSIAN Prime Minister Najib Razak said on Tuesday he discussed the possible purchase of Dassault Aviation SA’s Rafale fighter jets with French President Francois Hollande but remained undecided.

“We’re not ready yet to make a decision, but we take note of its success in other countries…,” Najib said at a joint news conference with Hollande in Kuala Lumpur.

Rafale is seen as a frontrunner as Malaysia looks to buy up to 18 jets in a deal potentially worth more than US$2 billion, sources have said.

Malaysia’s plan is to replace the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s squadron of Russian MiG-29 combat planes, nearly half of which are grounded.

Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein was reported in the media as saying the race for new fighter jets has narrowed to the Rafale and the Eurofighter Typhoon, built by BAE Systems.

“I know you will be making a decision, and against that background, we want to provide the necessary support,” Hollande said in his speech after comments from Najib.

“Our ministers are already working to that effect. All I would like to say is that the Rafale jet is the best in its category, and then we propose to discuss the prices, and the specifications. I trust you will make the decision when the time comes,” he said.

Hollande held bilateral talks with Najib during his visit to Malaysia, which is part of a three-nation tour of Southeast Asia. Hollande was in Singapore earlier this week and is headed to Indonesia later on Tuesday. – Reuters

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Rafale is seen as a frontrunner as Malaysia looks to buy up to 18 jets in a deal potentially worth more than US$2 billion, sources have said.

Where did they get the $2 billion for 18 Rafale?……..It is more like $4.5 billion……..

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4 thoughts on “Najib tells France no decision yet on Rafale jets

  1. tunku ibrahim ibrahim

    Malaysia should buy the multi-role combat aircraft in separated mode. Such as buying one squadron of Rafale and another squadron different multi-role combat aircraft. To my understanding, BAE having a very good relationship with Malaysia since Malaysia purhasing Airbus A400M


      1. tunkuibrahim

        Malaysia having experience in purchasing 18 Sukhoi 30MKM together with two dozen of F18D and MIG29N. This is shown that purchasing separated aircraft wasn’t giving problem to Malaysia.


      2. nonothai Post author

        If you read my comment I said it increases cost I did not mention anything about Malaysia not being able to operate different platform and BTW Malaysia has only 8 F-18D not 12.


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