Navy commander Shen Jinlong inspect Hudong China Shipbuilding Co. where 075 LHD is being built

Navy commander Shen Jinlong inspected Hudong China Shipbuilding Company, the equipment construction as a guide

“Hudong China Shipbuilding” WeChat public number

2017-03-26 11:34

March 26, spring breeze, sunny, faction of spring. Navy commander Shen Jinlong and his entourage visited Hudong China Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., an important indication for the construction of naval equipment. China Shipbuilding Group Party Secretary, chairman Dong Qiang, deputy party secretary, general manager Wu Qiang said, never live up to the Navy chief expectations, keep in mind the mission, the courage to play, military serve the country.

The development of the people’s navy, strong, nurtured the growth and growth of Hudong China. Hudong China is a frigate, landing ship “cradle”, the construction of various types of warships is the main force of the people of the Navy. Sixty years of military development process, so that “military is fine” concept, has become the pursuit of Hudong China. In accordance with the “generation of ships generation of technology” concept of modern shipbuilding, and constantly promote the construction capacity to a higher level.

Chen Dongliang, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the Shanghai party committee, briefed the chief of the company on the production and operation. The members of the company’s leadership team participated in the briefing.

(Formerly known as “naval commander Shen Jinlong inspection Hudong China”)



2017-03-26 11:34


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