Poland may purchase F-35 or F-16 aircraft

Poland considers purchasing F-35, F-16 aircraft


One thought on “Poland may purchase F-35 or F-16 aircraft

  1. Al-hein

    Poland should remember they’re into the E.U. and E.U. builds better aircraft than the U.S.A., including than F-35 and even F-22.
    BTW, F-35 is only good on paper.
    They should read the DOT&E 2016 annual report : the only conclusion that can be drawn is F-35 is simply hopeless!
    Moreover, if ever they ended working correctly whis is likely to never happen, Washington can have the whole fleet grounded anytime they want on any caprice for any reason through the ALIS logistics system that forces the owner to connect the aircraft to Lockheed servers before any flight. If not, the aircraft simply can’t take off.
    Thus, opting for F-35 is nothing else than surrendering your air-force to a foreign power, such thing, in military language is called… TREASON.
    Nonetheless, due to the technical FIASCO F-35 is, it’s also compromising the Union’s security.
    Moreover, if they believe that if the Russian Bear was moving to invade them, which is more than dubious, the USAns would intervene and thus risk a nuclear war, Poles are f*cking dreaming!
    Poland should push to create an EU-Army and nor try to replace UK as the new Yankee Poodle.



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