Turkish KORKUT armored vehicle begin serial production

FNSS beings production for Turkish KORKUT armored vehicle

By Ryan Maass   |   March 17, 2017 at 3:09 PM

March 17 (UPI) — ASELSAN and FNSS have began serial production for the Self-Propelled Low Altitude Air Defence Gun System, an armored vehicle project for Turkish ground forces.

FNSS announced the beginning of its work with prime contractor ASELSAN after marking the completion of earlier design and pre-production phase.

FNSS is a Turkish-owned joint venture between BAE Systems and Turkey-based Nurol Holding, which owns 51 percent of the company. The company’s contracts focus on wheeled armored combat vehicles procured by the Turkish military.

The KORKUT system is an armored vehicle solution capable of detecting and tracking targets using a 3D search radar. It is also equipped with a weapon system comprised of two 35mm guns that fire fragmentation ammunition.

The system was built on on an ACV-30 chassis, which the company says was selected for its high payload capacity and mobility. In combat, it is designed to operate alongside other armored platforms such as main battle tanks.

Deliveries are planned for May 2018.

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ACV-30 Platform 


Thanks to this feature, the vehicle has the capacity to carry greater payloads such as 105 mm guns and heavy air-defence platforms. The ACV-30 Platform also provides ballistic and mine protection.

The configuration of the vehicle can be changed to suit the operational requirements of the user. The ACV-30 constitutes an ideal platform in terms of command-and control, largescale mobile radar systems, artillery fire support, and pedestal mounted artillery and missile systems.

The Platform was selected as an Air Defence System platform by the Turkish Armed Forces within the scope of the KORKUT and HISAR projects.

The Weapon System Vehicle and Command-and-Control Vehicle configurations designed under the KORKUT Project are fully amphibious and have the capability of propelling themselves in deep water and rivers.

The Low and Medium Altitude Air Defence Missile System (LAADMIS) designed for the HISAR Project has a 3D Search Radar as well as a Pedestal-Mounted (PM) Autonomous Low
Altitude Air Defence Missile System platform. These features make HISAR unique in its weight-class owing to its capability to perform command-and-control and fire-control missions on the same platform.

Oerlikon 35 mm GDF-002


Tow barrels of 35mm
Country users
Argentina, Austria, Bahrain, Brazil, Cameroon, canada, Chile, Cyprus, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, Greece, Germany, Iran, japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates.
Designer Country
Germany – Switzerland
Infrared night vision, NBC protection system.
6,700 kg travel order with ammunition and accessories
Traverse / Elevation
Traverse: 360°
Elevation: +92°/-50°
Range of fire
4,000 m 
Length, 7.8 m travelling; 8.83 m firing
Width, 2.26 m travelling; 4.49 m firing
Height, 2.6 m travelling; 1.72 m firing

Source armyrecognition.com

ASELSAN’s Fire Control Radar


  • Ku-Band transmission frequency
  • 30km maximum range
  • Pulse Compression
  • 3-D target search and track
  • Highly accurate 3-D target position
  • Automatic target classification
  • Sector search
  • Operation-on-the-move
  • Short reaction time
  • Remote operation from Command & Control Center

ACV-30 Technical Specifications


Engine Diesel
Transmission Fully Automatic
Crew 3 or 4 (Including Driver)
Length 7 m
Width 3.9 m
Height Hull Roof 2.2 m
Suspension Torsion Bar
Electrical System 24 V
APU 14 kW


Max. Road Speed 65 km/h
Amphibious Capability Optional
Fording Capability in 1 m Depth
Range 500 km
Gradient 60%
Side Slope 30%
Trench Crossing 2 m
Vertical Obstacle 0,80 m

Mission Equipment

Night Vision Periscope AN/VVS-2

Protection System

NBC System
(Nükleer, Biyolojik, Kimyasal)
Positive Pressure Type
Air Conditioning Standard
Heating System Air Heater and Water Heater
Automatic Fire Suppression in Engine and Crew Compartment
Smoke Grenade Launcher Standard, 8 ea

Source fnss.com.tr


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