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AN-132 Light Multipurpose Transport Aircraft, Saudi Arabia

AN-132 is a new light, multi-purpose transport aircraft to be jointly developed by Antonov and Taqnia Aeronautics Company. The aircraft will be based on Antonov An-32 (NATO reporting name: Cline) twin-engine turboprop.

Antonov An-32


The Antonov An-32 is a twin-engined turboprop transport aircraft for operations in hot and heigh regions by the Soviet design bureau OKB Antonov (today Antonov ASTC, Ukraine). The An-32 is in operation with both military and civil operators.

The An-32 is a development of the Antonov An-26.

Crew 3
Propulsion 2 Turboprop Engines
Engine Model Ivchenko AI-20M
Engine Power (each) 3169 kW 4250 shp
Speed 641 km/h 346 kts
  398 mph
Service Ceiling 9.500 m 31.168 ft
Range 2.500 km 1.350 NM
1.554 mi.
Empty Weight 16.800 kg 37.038 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight 27.000 kg 59.525 lbs
Wing Span 29,20 m 95 ft 10 in
Wing Area 75,0 m² 807 ft²
Length 23,80 m 78 ft 1 in
Height 8,58 m 28 ft 2 in
First Flight 1978
Production Status out of production
Total Production 356
ICAO Code AN32
IATA Code A32
NATO Code Cline
Data for (Version) Antonov / Antonow An-32

Source flugzeuginfo.net

The light transport aircraft is primarily intended to transport cargoes weighting up to 9.2t, while its secondary roles will include aerial delivery of cargoes on parachute platforms, airdropping of paratroopers, medical evacuation, reconnaissance, maritime surveillance, and other military and civilian missions.

Antonov presented its AN-132 project at SITDEF 2015, one of the biggest exhibitions of Latin America, in May 2015. It estimates the market demand for the aircraft to be 900 units, and expected to begin production in 2017.

AN-132 development programme


A contract signed by KACST and Antonov in April 2015 marked the beginning of the AN-132 development programme. The An-32 platform was preferred after studying the requirements of Saudi Arabia and the global market for light transport aircraft in the military and civil sectors.

Taqnia Aeronautics Company, a subsidiary of Saudi Company for Technological Development and Investment (TAQNIA), signed an agreement with Antonov in May 2015 to develop and manufacture the AN-132 light cargo planes in Saudi Arabia.


Under the agreement, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), Taqnia Aeronautics Company and Antonov will redevelop the existing an-32 aircraft to produce a new variant with improved payload and range characteristics. The agreement will also enable transfer of the technology to Saudi Arabia.

The programme will also encompass the development of a new cockpit with state-of-the-art US-made navigation systems, which will allow the crew to efficiently operate the aircraft in adverse conditions. Additionally, new equipment and systems will be integrated into the aircraft to significantly enhance its capabilities. The intellectual property rights and the inventions for the aircraft will also be owned by Saudi Arabia.

Antonov’s AN-132D transport and special missions aircraft – Paris Air Show 2017

Turkey, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia to co-operate on maritime patrol variant of AN-132: Here


Ukrainian national defence group Ukroboronprom, Turkish defence electronics group Havelsan, and Saudi Arabian technology venture Taqnia have concluded an agreement to work together on the creation of a maritime patrol and surveillance variant of the Antonov AN-132D aircraft.

Antonov’s An-132 first flight: Here


Antonov flew the maiden flights of its An-132 transport and special mission aircraft from its Kyiv Svyatoshin facility in Ukraine on 31 March.

The AN-132D demonstrator of the twin-engined turboprop flew for 1 hour and 50 minutes before being personally greeted by Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko on its return.

With Saudi Arabia signed up as the type’s launch customer, the chiefly Ukrainian flight test crew included a test pilot from the Kingdom’s Taqnia Aeronautics Company, and there were a number of dignitaries from the country also in-attendance also. As noted by the chief of the programme, Alexander Kotsyuba Antonivtsi, this first flight of the demonstrator aircraft will be followed by a flight test programme in Ukraine before the aircraft is flown to Saudi Arabia at an undisclosed date.

Saudi Arabia is to start flight testing AN-132: Here



KYIV. Sept 8 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Antonov State Enterprise (Kyiv) has started manufacturing the first sample of its new multipurpose An-132 aircraft with a cargo capacity 9.2 tonnes under a contract signed with Saudi Arabia.

Antonov State Enterprise Acting President Mykhailo Hvozdev told reporters on Monday that the test aircraft of the new An-132 aircraft is being manufactured under the contract signed in April with Saudi Arabian KACST.

He said that at present, the company has finished the detailed design of the aircraft and has started manufacturing it.

“The first An-132 sample will be handed to the customer in late 2016,” he said.

An-132 production

In June 2015, Antonov signed a participation agreement for the design and construction of an aviation plant in Saudi Arabia. The plant is to be furnished with modern equipment, allowing the implementation of new aviation technologies in the aircraft production.

Taqnia (Saudi Arabia), the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Technology (UkrNIIAT), Altis Holding (Ukraine) and Broetje-Automation (Germany) will involve in the development of the aviation plant.

AN-132 light airlifter will be the first aircraft to be built at the new aviation complex under the finalised arrangements.

AN-132D aircraft has completed its major assembly: Here


On February 8, 2016, ANTONOV Company completed assembly of the fuselage of the first new transport aircraft−demonstrator AN−132D. At present, works on the aircraft final assembly (joining the main aircraft aggregates – wing, tail union, pylons, engine nacelles) are in progress at the enterprise.

According to Mykhaylo Gvozdov, President of ANTONOV Company, «the next stage of the first AN−132 construction was performed in accordance with the approved schedule. So, we meet commitments to our partners and keep the fixed terms of the program development».

Completion of the AN−132 construction is scheduled for the end of 2016. After series of the test flights, ANTONOV Company and its partners on the programme: King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Taqnia Aeronautics Co. (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) will present the aircraft to the potential customers in Saudi Arabia.

Ukraine’s Antonov tipped as favorite candidate in Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd’s. (HAL) medium military transport aircraft program: Here

AN-132 design and features

The AN-132 will retain the best characteristics of AN-32 including high thrust-to-weight ratio for operations in hot and high conditions. It will also offer reliability and flexibility to operators.


The transport plane will integrate in-built cargo handling equipment for loading / off-loading of payloads, while an auxiliary power unit aboard the aircraft will allow autonomous operations when operating at poorly-equipped airfields.


Transportation of light vehicles

an_132dcarTransportation of light vehicles © Konstantinos Panitsidis – Image: redstar.gr

Transportation of military vehicles

an_132dcar1Transportation of military vehicles (Panhard VBL)  © Konstantinos Panitsidis – Image: redstar.gr

An-132 ISR / MAP

an_132d_mapPossible Locations for Equipment 1: FO/IR; 2: Radar; 3: DF; 4: VHF/UHF; 5: Additional Antennas; 6: SPS;
HF Antenna – Image: redstar.gr

An-132 MAP

an_132d_map1Maritime Patrol Aircraft version © Konstantinos Panitsidis – Image: redstar.gr

An-132 P Aerial Firefighting

an_132pAerial Firefighting version (An-32P)  © Konstantinos Panitsidis  – Image: redstar.gr

AN-132 will have the capability to land on unprepared runways where other transport aircraft fail to operate. It will be used for the transportation of troops and light vehicles in standard configuration, but can be configured for airdropping of paratroopers or cargo and MEDEVAC roles.



The AN-132 will be equipped with an advanced glass cockpit accommodating two crew members. This cockpit will integrate navigation systems from Honeywell and systems and equipment aboard the aircraft will meet all the modern standards.



12-20-2016-1-lgImage: dowty.com

The new Saudi-Ukrainian aircraft will be powered by two turboprop engines supplied by Pratt & Whitney Canada. Each engine will drive a Hamilton Sundstrand propeller. The power-plant will offer AN-132 an extended range compared to An-32.

Pratt & Whitney Canada PW150A turboprops

(Max. RPM)
PW150 Series 6,200 5,000 1,020 44 30 95

Source pwc.ca

R408 propeller system


The R408 propeller system has six all-composite blades with advanced swept design and optimized ARA-D/A airfoil sections, providing excellent climb and cruise performance while generating low noise levels.

The AN-132D demonstrator is being developed by Antonov with participation from Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST). It is equipped with Pratt & Whitney Canada PW150A turboprop engines, which have logged millions of flight hours powering the Dowty Propellers’ R408 propeller systems.

Dowty Propellers assisted in the R408 propeller system’s integration and commissioning on the AN-132D, and has provided training for personnel from both Antonov and KACST. Technical support from Dowty Propellers will continue for the AN-132’s flight test phase, as well as the multi-purpose aircraft’s demonstration flights. Source dowty.com

Operators: Here

an_132dImage: redstar.gr


OKB Antonov
Multipurpose transport aircraft
Two turboprop P&W 150A
Power h.p.s
2 x 5.070
Length, m
Height, m
Wing span, m
Wing area m2
Propeller diameter, m 4,110
Cargo compartment dimensions, m:  
– length 13,450
– width 2,40
– height 1,84
– length with a ramp 16,655
– volume, m3 58
– floor, m2 32,3
Maximum take-off, kg
Normal take-off, kg
Empty aircraft, kg
Internal fuel, kg
Maximum speed, km/h
Cruising speed, km/h
Service ceiling, m
Ferry range, km
Range, km
Payload, kg
75 soldiers or 46 paratroopers or 27 wounded on the stretchers or 9.200 kg freight

Technical data redstar.gr

Main material source airforce-technology.com

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