Argentine to keep 12 A-4ARs flying for now

Keeping Argentine A-4ARs airworthy will challenge maintenance lines

Jose Higuera, Santiago, Chile – IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

16 February 2017

Argentina’s decision to postpone buying new combat aircraft until 2018 and have the Argentine Air Force keep some Lockheed Martin (McDonnell Douglas) A-4AR Fightinghawks flying in the meantime will be a difficult logistical goal, sources in Buenos Aires told Jane’s .

To keep 12-14 of the air force’s A-4ARs airworthy, as the government has asked, will require significant effort including many hours at the workshops for maintaining and repairing engines, which likely means not all aircraft will be available for operations concurrently. Local sources expect only six to eight aircraft will be airworthy at any given time while the others undergo maintenance.

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Argentina looks to keep A-4ARs flying in lieu of replacement

Santiago Rivas, Buenos Aires – IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

08 February 2017

Key Points

  • Officials said at least 12 A-4ARs could be made operational for another five years
  • Argentina suspended its efforts to replace the Fightinghawks for financial reasons

The Argentine government has begun contract discussions with an undisclosed company to get 12 to 14 of the air force’s Lockheed Martin (McDonnell Douglas) A-4AR Fightinghawks back into operational service for at least five years, the Ministry of Defence’s (MoD’s) secretary of logistics Walter Ceballos announced on 7 February.

Argentine minister of defence Julio Martínez a week earlier revealed that the government decided to suspend purchasing a new fighter aircraft to replace the Fightinghawks.


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One thought on “Argentine to keep 12 A-4ARs flying for now

  1. y.gagarin

    It will be horrible to maintain and servicing an old aircraft due to the production line of the aircraft already stop and not many air force still use this aircraft plus the maintenance cost will be high and not reasonable. They should let it go and buying new aircraft like kfir 60 or brand new such as jf 17 from china.



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