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Detailed comparison of PAK FA T50 VS F22 Raptor


Published on Aug 2, 2016


Edit : the f22 tracking 100 targets and engaging 2 is not true as it turned out those figures were only speculated . The unclassified data given by Forecast International actually says the f22 tracks 10 targets at a time , number of targets engaged is classified .

hello guys.
this is my comparison between the russian pak fa and US f22 .
i hope you enjoy it.

AS A NOTE : i am well aware that the data that circulates in the internet is NOT always the exact official data . So theres always a frame for mistakes . However this video is based mostly on official munifacturer claims , and also on other non official claims made by think tanks and other sources , since there are things i couldnt find official data about.

Just to give an example ,the radar range of the apg77 for example is classified , but all of the sources state around the same range , including analysts .
Another example is the number of targets it can track and engage at once , this one was never declassified , but most sources describe it as i stated in the video . this point in particular can be wrong , if you have any genuine source to the exact information please tell me.
So do not bite my head off for that .

There are some future upgrades for both pak fa and f22 , but i did not mention those since we have little data .Such as the cuda missile for f22 and the ramjet version of the k77m or the ROFAR system for the pak fa.

I am a human being , so i can do mistakes . keep that in mind. If you find anything wrong please correct it in the comment section with a link to a source.

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music in this video is not done by me , it is extracted from BF4 , black ops 2 and half life 2 .

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some of my sources :
http://www.alternatewars.com/WW3/WW3_… (pdf)

those were not ALL of the sources , but a lot of information came from them .


Sukhoi Pak Fa T-50 (Su-50): Details

Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor: Details


Argentine to keep 12 A-4ARs flying for now

Keeping Argentine A-4ARs airworthy will challenge maintenance lines

Jose Higuera, Santiago, Chile – IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

16 February 2017

Argentina’s decision to postpone buying new combat aircraft until 2018 and have the Argentine Air Force keep some Lockheed Martin (McDonnell Douglas) A-4AR Fightinghawks flying in the meantime will be a difficult logistical goal, sources in Buenos Aires told Jane’s .

To keep 12-14 of the air force’s A-4ARs airworthy, as the government has asked, will require significant effort including many hours at the workshops for maintaining and repairing engines, which likely means not all aircraft will be available for operations concurrently. Local sources expect only six to eight aircraft will be airworthy at any given time while the others undergo maintenance.

Original post janes.com


Argentina looks to keep A-4ARs flying in lieu of replacement

Santiago Rivas, Buenos Aires – IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

08 February 2017

Key Points

  • Officials said at least 12 A-4ARs could be made operational for another five years
  • Argentina suspended its efforts to replace the Fightinghawks for financial reasons

The Argentine government has begun contract discussions with an undisclosed company to get 12 to 14 of the air force’s Lockheed Martin (McDonnell Douglas) A-4AR Fightinghawks back into operational service for at least five years, the Ministry of Defence’s (MoD’s) secretary of logistics Walter Ceballos announced on 7 February.

Argentine minister of defence Julio Martínez a week earlier revealed that the government decided to suspend purchasing a new fighter aircraft to replace the Fightinghawks.

Source janes.com

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A-4AR Fightinghawk: Details

Douglas A-4AR Fightinghawk - Força Aérea Argentina voando sobre sua base em Villa Reynolds

Russia plans to take part in India’s 400 fighter jet tender

Russia to take part in tender for 400 fighter jets for India

Military & Defense February 15, 8:30 UTC+3

India’s Air Force currently has Russia’s MiG-29 fighter aircraft with different modified versions

BANGALORE (India), February 15. /TASS/. Russia plans to take part in a tender for the deliveries of 400 fighter jets to India’s Air Force, Deputy Director of Russia’s Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation Vladimir Drozhzhov said.

“We will certainly participate in a tender with MiG and Su,” Drozhzhov said at the Aero India 2017 exhibition in Bangalore on Wednesday.

India’s Air Force has Russia’s MiG-29 fighter aircraft with different modified versions and there are also plans to open a service center for their maintenance in the country’s territory.

In 2007, Russia and India signed an agreement on joint design of the Fifth Generation Fighting Aircraft (FGFA). The initial customer will be the Indian Air Force and in future it will be supplied to third countries.

Delivery of S-400 antiaircraft missile systems

Drozhzhov noted that the delivery of Russia’s S-400 Triumf long-range antiaircraft missile systems to India is not expected this year.

“We will sign the contract and shortly after there will be an answer when we will supply it. I think that probably it won’t take place in 2017,” Drozhzhov said.

An inter-governmental agreement on the delivery of S-400 Triumf long-range air defense missile systems to India was signed in October 2016.

China became the first foreign buyer of Russia’s S-400 antiaircraft missile systems. The sides announced about the signing of the contract in the spring of 2015. According to media reports, the deal was worth about $3 billion.

Original post tass.com


I would guess it would be the MiG-35…….

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S-400 Triumph (SA-21 Growler): Details

2602991 04/09/2015 An S-400 "Triumf" antiaircraft missile system is among other Defense Ministry's air defense missile battalions put on combat alert in the Moscow Region. Kirill Kallinikov/Sputnik

Mikoyan MiG-35: Details


Boeing willing to work with both Indian Navy & US government to find a solution for F-18 fighter jet sales

Boeing hopes to find middle path for F-18 fighter jet sales to India

Last Modified: Thu, Feb 16 2017. 11 14 PM IST

Boeing says it is willing to work with both Indian Navy and the US government to find a solution for for F-18 fighter jet sales

Bangalore: Boeing Company which is trying to sell its F-18 fighter jets to the Indian Navy is trying to work out a middle path that will satisfy the domestic manufacturing demands of both US and India, a top company executive said.

“We are willing to work with both Indian Navy and the US government to find a solution that works for everybody–that’s compelling when it comes to technological cooperation and industrial cooperation but that meets the objectives of both the governments,” Thom Breckenridge, vice-president, global sales, Boeing (India) told Mint.

The Indian Navy on 25 January put out a request for information (RFI) for 57 fighter planes to be submitted by May, and Boeing is pitching its F-18s. Meanwhile, rival Lockheed Martin with its F-16s is vying for a much bigger single-engine jet order for the Indian Air Force. Lockheed Martin has said it was reviewing clearances granted by Obama administration to make its F-16 jets in India, as the Donald Trump administration in US is keen to push US manufacturing.

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg has already held long meetings with Trump administration officials that were widely publicized. It is not clear if this matter was raised during those meetings.

“I am not going to comment on company’s discussions with the administration. I would say the company is in dialogue with the US government and we look forward to continuing the conversation with them as and when this particular opportunity moves forward,” Breckenridge said.

While the RFI does not specify requirements to manufacture F-18s in India, Boeing feels India will ask for it over time.

Under its planned strategic partnership model—recently proposed for the IAF order—India will select private local companies to exclusively manufacture military equipment for a specified period. The Indian partner will be identified through a model prescribed by a government committee, while the foreign partner will be chosen on criteria such as transfer of technology and the financial pitch.

“There is a reference to licence production, there are couple of references not directly to Make in India,” Breckenridge said, “There is no specific requirement yet but in the future, when the Indian Navy gets to the point they are releasing an RFP (request for proposal) or further down the process, we can expect to see some requirements.”

Defence minister Manohar Parrikar has made it clear that no relaxations will be granted.

“This question you have to put to Boeing, Lockheed,” Parrikar told reporters on the sidelines of the 11th Aero India Show in Bengaluru on Tuesday. “What I am saying is what I want—I want it to be Made in India. Export to third nation is an additional bonus (and) if someone wants to shift the facility from somewhere else or whether he sets up a new one—it is his choice. I am in no way concerned with it.”

To a question on whether the F-18 be compatible with India’s aircraft carriers, some of them Russian, Boeing said it is working with Indian Navy.

“We need to continue to discuss with Navy to learn more about existing carriers but based on what we know so far, based on the modelling we have done, we feel confident,” he said, adding, “We will definitely compete; we can’t say we will win or not, but I do think we have a very good case. It was designed for carrier-based operations. It is operating in US Navy as a frontline fighter. We have done 700 deliveries of F-18. It has scale, low costs to maintain, and it has life ahead of it with continued investments out to 2040.”

Original post livemint.com


“This question you have to put to Boeing, Lockheed,” Parrikar told reporters on the sidelines of the 11th Aero India Show in Bengaluru on Tuesday. “What I am saying is what I want—I want it to be Made in India. Export to third nation is an additional bonus (and) if someone wants to shift the facility from somewhere else or whether he sets up a new one—it is his choice. I am in no way concerned with it.”

To a question on whether the F-18 be compatible with India’s aircraft carriers, some of them Russian, Boeing said it is working with Indian Navy.

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