F-18 Advance Super Hornet Vs F-35

Boeing has an updated F-18 in the works — here’s how it’s ‘comparable’ to the F-35


3 thoughts on “F-18 Advance Super Hornet Vs F-35

  1. Al-hein

    Boeing could achieve such a goal by license-building Dassault’s Rafale as it, except the still i R&D scramjet/turbofan combo engines, already complies with the… F/A-XX whish-list.
    Note that many wrongly think Rafale’s a 4++Gen. aircraft. This is due to the fact that, due to French Govt. having totally classified Rafale’s stealthiness under the [SECRET DEFENSE] cloak, Dassault couldn’t highlight these features until Dec.2015. Actually, this is MUCH more advanced than F-22/35 stealth : no need for internal bays, no need for coating.


    1. nonothai Post author

      Agree that Rafale does have stealth features and coating but I doubt it is more stealthy than the F-22 and F-35 maybe someone has some valid data to share it would be great.



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