BIRD Aerosystems deliveres Airborne Missile Protection System (AMPS) to US Army

AMPS delivered to US Army

18th January 2017 – 13:30by The Shephard News Team

BIRD Aerosystems has delivered its Airborne Missile Protection System (AMPS) to the US Army, the company announced on 16 January.

Developed in cooperation with Airbus Defence and Space, AMPS provides enhanced protection for military and civilian aircraft against ground-to-air missiles.

The system is designed to detect, verify and foil surface-to-air missile attacks through the effective use of countermeasure decoys (flares and chaff) and directional infrared countermeasures that jam the missile’s infrared seeker.

The system is fully operational on military and VIP aircraft. AMPS has also evolved into a standard system for NATO, having been installed on military, VIP and civil platforms used by NATO members, the United Nations air operations, governments and air forces.

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AMPS – Airborne Missile Protection System



The Airborne Missile Protection System (AMPS) family of solutions is provided in cooperation with AIRBUS Defence and Space. The system has been expressly designed to provide complete protection against all known Surface to Air Missiles (SAM) including the most deadly type – the MANPADS (Man Portable Shoulder Launched Missile).

AMPS automatically works as follows:

1. Detects a missile threat.
2. Processes and optimizes the countermeasure programs.
3. Provides visual and audio alerts to the crew.
4. Initiates the appropriate countermeasure decoys.

The system is certified by leading aircraft manufactures including AIRBUS Helicopters, MIL Design Bureau and others.

The system has a proven track record in the leading conflict zones worldwide, operated continuously by the most advance armed forces in theaters such as Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.  


AMPS Configurations

AMPS is installed on a large number of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft with a wide verity of detection sensors and configurations. The system ensures complete protection against any available ground to air threat in the following main configurations:

AMPS-M Protects military and civil aircraft against Shoulder Launched Missiles (MANPADS).
AMPS-MV Protect civil aircraft against MANPADS attacks using an adaptation of the AMPS system  
AMPS-ML Protects aircraft against MANPADS and Laser Beam Rider threats (LRF, LTD, LBR) .
AMPS- MLR Protects against MANPADS, Laser Beam Rider threats in addition to radar guided missiles and Radar controlled guns

BIRD provides its customers with a turn-key solution that includes the installation, integration and support for the AMPS system. AMPS is combat proven and has been operational in Afghanistan and Iraq with over 400 installations on platforms such as: EC135, EC635, EC145, BK117, EC155, Cougar, EC225, Mi8, Mi17, UH60, S-92, CH53, B407, B200, B350ER, P3C, C130 and many more.




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