Poland is negotiating with the US about buying hundreds of F-16

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

The cost of one used aircraft could reach $ 24 million.

Poland’s defense Ministry can buy 96 F-16 fighters from the United States. This writes the newspaper Gazeta Prawna, with reference to the Deputy Minister of defence of Poland Bartosz Kovnatskogo, which is responsible for the procurement of military equipment.

“We analyze whether the purchase of used F-16 is an effective, functionally and economically. It is clear that we need a new combat aircraft”, – said the official.

He noted that Poland can’t afford the fifth generation fighter F-35 so the F-16 looks more real.

It is also noted that Poland is modernizing the F-16. Work will be carried out on Polish territory.

According to media reports, the cost of one second-hand F-16 can reach about 100 million zloty (24 million dollars).

As reported Корреспондент .netUSA sell Poland missiles “air-land” Jassm Extended Range of 200 million dollars. These missiles – weapons of the American F-16 aircraft.

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The cost of one used aircraft could reach $ 24 million

That would not include upgrades RTAF upgraded 18 F-16 MLU standard for over $800 million

Polish F-16 Background

Poland ordered a total of 48 F-16C/D block 52 aircraft, thus becoming the first former WarPac member to operate the F-16 Fighting Falcon.

Equiped with JHMCS and Sniper ER pods, and aremd with AIM-9X, AIM-120C, JSOW and JDAM, the Polish F-16s will be the most advanced in NATO.


In 1997, the Polish government started looking looking for a replacement for its ageing fleet of MiG-21 and Su-22 aircraft. The requirement was for 100 multi-purpose fighters, to replace an exisitng fleet of 350 combat aircraft. Given Poland’s aspirations to join NATO, Poland turned to Western rather than Soviet manufacturers. The Air Force was considering the Mirage 2000, Gripen and F-16 and enjoyed demonstrations from all three aircraft. The 1997 Salon du Bourget saw fierce battles being fought between the representatives of the competing companies over the orders. Most Eastern European potential customers -including Poland- had hoped that increased employment, technology transfers and compensation orders would pay for their new fighters. However, as this proved not to be the case, orders were postponed for a couple of years.

In November 1998, British Aerospace, together with Sweden’s Saab and Germany’s Daimler-Benz Aerospace, offered to modernize Poland’s existing fleet of Soviet-designed MiG-29 aircraft and to train its personnel. This way, the consurtium ultimately hoped to secure the deal for the new fighters for its Gripen fighter. Other Western manufacturers also regard winning the transitional deal as the key to eventually securing the lucrative contract to supply new combat planes.

In December 1998, Poland’s Defense Ministry asked the cabinet to approve the lease of up to 36 fighter aircraft from the United States. The United States offered to lease second-hand F-16 or F-18 fighter jets to Poland for five years at a cost of around $100 million, including training for pilots and ground crews. In February 1999, The Polish government announced it was to decide how to acquire Western fighter jets for its ill-equipped air force in the next few months, and it was going to choose a supplier by the end of the year.


Peace Sky

Eventually the Polish government decided on December 27th, 2002 to buy rather than lease new fighter aircraft, and that the winner of the Polish fighter tender was Lockheed-Martin. Up to 48 F-16 Block 52 aircraft will be delivered (36 C’s and 12 D’s). The major element in this deal was an offset agreement between Lockheed-Martin and the Polish government, which sees an amount of up to $9 billion return in the Polish economy. Major projects include plans by General Motors to expand a plant in Gliwice, Poland, and a pledge by Motorola to invest in a state-of-the-art communication system for Polish public services.

The contract was signed on April 18th, 2003, for $3.5 billion, the biggest defense contract by a former Soviet bloc country since the end of the Cold War. The purchase contract also includes spare engines, missiles and bombs as well as technical details and the terms of training for Polish pilots. The aircraft will be built in Fort Worth, Texas, and deliveries started in 2006.

The maiden flight of the first Polish F-16 aircraft ( #4040 ) was completed successfully in Ft. Worth on March 14th, 2006. The pilot for the first flight was Paul Hattendorf, a company test pilot for Lockheed Martin.


Model  Block

Qty. Serials


Peace Sky

F-16C  Block 52

36 4040/4075


F-16D  Block 52

12 4076/4087


Source f-16.net

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