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Gurza-M (Project 58155) Class Small Armoured Artillery Boats

A series of small armoured artillery boats of Gurza-M (Project 58155)-class are under construction for the Ukrainian Navy. The Project 58155 class is developed based on the Project 58150-class river armoured artillery boats.

Project 58150-class

58150_2_bImage: lk.com.ua


Length, m 20,70
Overall length, m 18,00
Breadth, m 3,90
Depth of board in middle, m 2,25
Draught at full displacement, m 0,70
Standard displacement, ton 34,41
Normal displacement, ton 38,38
Full displacement, ton 39,91
Speed on deep and silent water at temperature of external air +15ºС, knots 27,80
Economic speed on deep and silent water at temperature of external air +15ºС, knots 11,00
Cruising range with economic speed, miles 450
Autonomy on resources of wet provisions, days 5

Project 58150-class source lk.com.ua

The boats are designed by State Research and Design Shipbuilding Centre (SRDSC) of Ukraine and being built by PJSC Leninska Kuznya Plant, headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine.

They are intended to conduct patrols in harbours, rivers, lakes, territorial waters and isolated areas. Other missions include protection of borders and river ports of Ukraine, assistance to aircraft or vessels in distress, and combating illegal migration, piracy and smuggling in the Danube river and the waters of the Black Sea-Azov basin.

The boats can also be deployed in UN peacekeeping missions.

Gurza-M boats construction

Keels for the first two armoured artillery boats in the Project 58155-class were laid in October 2012, after which the project was frozen for approximately two years.

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine awarded a state contract to PJSC Leninska Kuznya Plant to resume the construction of the two boats in October 2014. The vessels were launched in November 2015.


A state contract for the construction of the next four Gurza-M-class armoured artillery boats was signed in March 2016. Keels for four artillery boats were laid in April 2016.

Project 58155 artillery boat class design and features


The Gurza-M armoured artillery boat’s engine compartment, weapon stores and wheel house are built using bullet-resistant steel materials.

The overall length and beams of the boat are 23m and 4.8m respectively and the maximum draught is 1m. The boat has a full load displacement of 54t and is manned by five crew members.

The wheel house, located amidships, provides unobstructed view through square windows fitted in the front and sides.

2l-imageImage: naval-technology.com

An integrated bridge system located in the wheel house provides a centralised monitoring of onboard sensors, electronics, propulsion system, and navigation and communications systems.

The boats can also be fitted with weapons and sensors as per the customer’s requirements.

Weaponry for small armoured artillery boats

52.jpgImage: dumskaya.net

The forward and aft sections of the boat are fitted with a BM-5M.01 Katran-M remote-controlled naval combat module, manufactured by Mykolayiv Mechanical Repair Plant. Each turret is fitted with two 30mm automatic grenade launchers.

Armament of the boat also includes a 30mm ZTM-1 automatic gun, 7.62mm CT machine gun, and laser-guided man-portable air-defence systems (MANPADS).

The ZTM-1 automatic gun can be fired at enemy aircraft flying at low altitudes, light armoured infantry combat vehicles, and dismounted soldiers.

The vessel is also armed with two Barrier anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) to fight against stationary and moving light-armoured objects, helicopters and modern armoured combat vehicles, fitted with explosive reactive armour (ERA).

Equipped with a tandem warhead, the ATGM can engage targets at a distance between 100m to 5,000m.

2 combat modules type of «Katran-M»:
 – 30 mm gun
 – 30 mm grenade launcher
 – 7.62 mm machine gun
 – ATGM “Barrier” type
– Portable SAM
– Mining facility
– Vital spaces (engine room, wheel house, ammunition stores) are made of special bullet-proof steel

Source en.uos.ua

BM-5M.01 Katran-M remote-controlled naval combat module

katranImage: az.azeridefence.com
The Katran-M  CIWS  (Close-In Weapon System) is a bolt-on, stand-alone weapons system with multiple armaments – Missiles,  Guns,  Grenade (Explosive and Smoke) Launchers; with its own  Electro optic Sensors, Stabilization System and Fire Control System.
The Katran-M  CIWS was developed by Ukrainian defense scientists for naval use from the successful BM-3 Shturm Overhead Weapon Station (OWS) used in Armored Fighting Vehicles like the BTR-3E1. Source deftechph.blogspot.com

30mm ZTM-1 automatic gun

image171“Barrier” ATMS system & 30mm ZTM-1 automatic gun – Image: euromaidanpress.com

ZTM-1 30mm Automatic Cannon: It operates in automatic fire mode using a remote electric trigger, and controlled electro mechanically. High-Explosive or Armor Piercing rounds are loaded from 2 belt magazines stored in two ammunition boxes with 400 rounds of ready use ammunition. Rate of Fire is 330 rpm. Armor Piercing (AP) bullets have an effective range of 2,000 meters while High Explosive Tracer (HET) and High Explosive Incendiary (HEI) bullets have an effective range of 4,000 meters.  Source deftechph.blogspot.com

e4d933ab0d33ba4e5c650d8bccabce66Image: dumskaya.net

Sensors and communications

An electro-optical fire control system is located atop the bridge for surveillance and monitoring of sea surface. The boat also features a navigation radar, antenna masts, and communications systems. A laser range finder is installed to detect and track targets.

Sensors and Communication:
Navigation radar
Optoelectronic monitoring system
Detection sensors of laser emission
Intagrated bridge system

Source en.uos.ua

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Propulsion and performance of Project 58155 artillery boats


Powered by two diesel engines, the Project 58155-class can sail at a maximum speed of 25kt and reach up to a range of 900nm at 12kt. It can travel up to 50mi off from the base port and stay afloat for approximately 120 hours.

 Main characteristics:
 Length, overall: 23.0 m
 Beam, overall: 4.8 m
 Draught, max: 1.0 m
 Displacement, full load: 54 t
 Endurance: 5 days
 Complement: 5
Propulsion / Speed:
Propulsion: 2 diesels
Max speed: not less 25 kts
Range: not less 900 NM at 12 kts

Technical data en.uos.ua

Main image source dumskaya.net

Main material source naval-technology.com