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Royal Thai Army becomes first customer for AW149

EXCLUSIVE – Royal Thai Army buys AW149 and six AW139s

9 Dec, 16,

HeliHub.com can exclusively announce that Leonardo appear to have made their first AW149 sale, with an aircraft for the Royal Thai Army now being test flown.  Seen in Marco Bianchi’s photo here, which he has given us permission to use, the Thai military flash is seen on the tail of this otherwise anonymous aircraft.  A large square sticker has been placed over the national roundel of Thailand.  There is no information currently available on how many have been ordered.

In recent weeks, the Royal Thai Army has also taken delivery of six AW139s, with serial numbers 41520 through 41525 from the US AW139 production line.  The first three of these were delivered in September, with the second batch of three following in October

Jeremy Parkin – HeliHub.com

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AW149 Multirole Helicopter: Details

US Congress pass bill for MANPADs to Syrian rebels

US Congress opens way for missiles to Syrian rebels

Bill requires Defense, State departments’ request as a condition for anti-aircraft missiles to Syrian opposition


By Kasim Ileri


The Senate on Thursday passed a defense policy bill that allows for the supply of portable surface to air missiles to Syrian rebels upon approval by the heads of the Defense and State departments.

The National Defense Authorization Act, which authorizes $618.7 billion in the military spending for the 2017 fiscal year, passed at the chamber in a 92-7 vote, an overwhelming majority that overrides President Barack Obama’s veto power.

The bill includes $67.8 billion in an overseas contingency operations account to fund operations abroad.

The original text sponsored by Republican John McCain prohibited the supply of Man Portable Air Defense Systems, or MANPADs, to the Syrian opposition.

But the Conference Committee that prepares the final version of bills amended the provision.

“If a determination is made during fiscal year 2017 to use funds available to the Department of Defense for that fiscal year to provide man-portable air defense systems (MANPADs) to the vetted Syrian opposition … such funds may not be used for that purpose until (1) the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State jointly submit to the appropriate congressional committees a report on the determination,” the final version of the bill reads.

That final version also passed the House of Representatives last week by a 375-34 vote.

Following the Senate vote, the legislation was sent to Obama to be signed into law.

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Seems the US just can’t stop!  They have out did themselves they are losing influence all over the world in the Philippines, Malaysia, Syria and the failed China containment policy. If they are not careful they might start WWIII.

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