Airbus delivers first three TNI-AL AS565 MBe Panther helicopters to PTDI

25 November 2016

Key Points

  • Airbus Helicopters is building the ‘green’ AS565 MBe Panther, while PTDI will outfit the helicopters in-country at its Bandung facility
  • The 11 helicopters will receive an ASW mission suite co-developed by PTDI and Rotorcraft Services Group

PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) has received the first three of 11 AS565 MBe Panther helicopters destined for the Indonesian Navy (Tentara Nasional Indonesia – Angkatan Laut: TNI-AL), during a ceremony at the Airbus Helicopters plant at Marignane, France.

The signing-over event, conducted on 18 November in the presence of representatives from Indonesia’s Ministry of Defence and the TNI-AL, comes two years after prime contractor PTDI signed a contract with Airbus Helicopters for the delivery of the ‘green’ AS565 MBe airframes for subsequent customisation for an anti-submarine warfare (ASW) role.

The delivery of the remaining eight helicopters will run through to 2018.

Under the terms of the contract, Airbus Helicopters is building the basic AS565 MBe air vehicles at Marignane for delivery to Indonesia. PTDI, acting as design authority, will subsequently reassemble and outfit the helicopters in-country at its Bandung facility, including fitting an ASW suite co-developed with US-based Rotorcraft Services Group (RSG). Following installation of the mission equipment, PTDI will qualify and certify the ASW-equipped Panther variant before its introduction to service with the TNI-AL.

Powered by two Safran Arriel 2N engines, which offer improved performance in hot and high conditions, the AS565 MBe variant of the Panther brings an increased maximum all-up take-off weight of 4,500 kg. The AS565 MBe also incorporates a new main gearbox, the latest generation tail rotor, and a four-axis autopilot.

The ASW suite being developed and integrated by PTDI and RSG includes the L-3 Ocean Systems DS-100 HELRAS dipping sonar, a lightweight torpedo launching system (allowing for release of either Mk 46 or A244/S weapons), and a lightweight operator console.

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