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YJ-91 anti-radiation missile Aegis destroyer kille

In 2012, Voice of Russia published a report, stating in late 1990s, Russia exported KH-31P anti-radiation missiles to China. Soon afterwards, China imported the technology and was licensed to produce such missiles. It gave the missile the codename YJ-91. Before that, China tried to produce an anti-radiation missile on its own but failed.

The new anti-radiation missile produced with licensed Russian technology becomes Chinese air force’s major weapon in breaking through enemy air defense. China has specially developed special fighter jets to carry it. For example, China’s J-8HG attack fighter-bomber. Source tiananmenstremendousachievements.wordpress.com


The Kh-31P high-speed medium-range “air-to-surface” guided missile with changeable passive radar homing heads is designed to engage radars operating within long- and medium-range air defence missile systems, as well as other ground- and sea-based radars of different purpose, in the corresponding frequency band.

The Kh-31P missile can be efficiently launched either independently or in salvo, in fair and adverse weather conditions, to engage radar targets of opportunity or previously disclosed ones.

The missile can be equipped with changeable homing heads operating in coresponding frequency bands used by modern continuous-wave and pulsed radars of surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery systems.

The missile’s radar homing head ensures:

– target search and lock-on in the autonomous mode, or by receiving target designation data from carrier’s sensors with the missile on the aircraft suspension station;

– target tracking and missile guidance command generation.

It has a high explosive/fragmentation type of warhead.


 Launch range envelope, km  15-110
 Launch altitude envelope, m  100-15,000
 Launch speed envelope, km/h (Mach number)  600-1,250
 Max missile cruising speed, m/s  1,000
 Warhead weight, kg  87
 Missile launch weight, kg  about 600
 Missile dimensions, m:
 length  4,7
 body diameter  0,36
 wing span  0,914

Source ktrv.ru

*Note techincal data is of Kh-31P

cxd9ialvqaabgvzJ-10 BC Adopted for Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD) YJ-91 Anti-Radiation Missile  (2).jpg

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