Il-22PP Porubschik electronic countermeasures plane

Within the OKR “Porubschik” program frame, the Russian Defense Ministry, signed in 2009 a contract with “Myashitsev” bureau, for the modernization and development of jamming technology airplanes based on the Il-22 (control and command airplane).

Ilyushin Il-18 Medium-range transport aircraft


The Il-18 (Western designation Coot) first flew in 1957 and was produced in large numbers for civilian operators. Its production commenced in 1959. This aircraft was a milestone in development of Soviet commercial aviation. Its performance, capacity and reliability made it an obvious choice for adaptation of redundant airframes for military roles. These militarized versions were used by the Soviet Air Force and Soviet Naval Aviation. Both civil and militarized versions of the Il-18 have been exported to a number of Soviet allies and countries where the Soviet influence has spread, including Afghanistan, Algeria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Vietnam and Yugoslavia. In some countries the Il-18 it was used as a government, presidential or VIP transport.

Currently a single Il-18 is still used by North Korean Air Force. Versions of this aircraft, such as Il-20 or Il-38 are used by the Russian military.

The Il-18T is a military transport aircraft. It was used to carry troops, vehicles, cargo and evacuate casualties. However there was also a commercial airliner with the same designation.

The Il-18 can carry a maximum load of about 13 500 kg. Range with maximum payload is 3 700 km.

The Il-18 is powered by four Ivchenko AI-20M turboprop engines, developing 4 250 hp each.

There were numerous variants of the Il-18. Only military variants are listed below.

Entered service ?
Crew 9 men
Dimensions and weight
Length ~ 36 m
Wing span ~ 37 m
Height ~ 10 m
Weight (empty) ~ 35 t
Weight (maximum take off) ~ 64 t
Engines and performance
Engines 4 x Ivchenko AI-20M turboprop engines
Engine power 4 x 4 250 hp
Maximum speed 675 km/h
Cruising speed 625 km/h
Service ceiling 11.8 km
Range (with 6 500 kg payload) 6 500 km
Range (with maximum payload) 3 700 km
Ferry range ?
Maximum payload 13.5 t
Troops 65 – 120 men
Cargo compartment dimensions ?


In 2011 the first modified plane was delivered for initial tests with serial number RA-75903.

il22pp-1Serial number RA-75903

Obviously this is a pre-production plane and according to the bureau’s schedule, the first production plane will be delivered within 2013, while two more in 2014.

Besides that, the bureau also performs other tasks on Il-22, like the development of maintenance equipment infrastructure, supervision and evaluation of the overall condition ofthe aircrafts, information bulletins for the prolonging of the structural and service life of the plane and its systems.



Russia receives first Il-22PP Porubschik electronic countermeasures planes

The new machines will be able to selectively turn off the electronics of enemy airplanes and drones, as well as ground-based air defense systems. However, the planes carrying the jamming equipment are far from cutting-edge – the Ilyushin Il-22PP was built in the 1970s.

Russia’s air force has taken delivery of the first three Ilyushin Il-22PP Porubschik aircraft, featuring up-to-date jamming equipment capable of disabling electronics systems on enemy planes.

The equipment for conducting electronic warfare has been installed on an airplane made in the mid-1970s. Despite this, developers insist that the updated machine can withstand the most modern electronic systems mounted on advanced foreign aircraft.

“The new equipment is capable of ‘blinding’ Airborne Early Warning and Control System [AWACS] aircraft,” a source in the military-industrial complex told RBTH. “In addition to these, the Il-22PP Porubshchik effectively counteracts Patriot air defense systems.”

According to the designers, the new Il-22PP Porubshchik can selectively disable enemy equipment using powerful interference while obstructing similar enemy means of electronic warfare.

“Before the electronic interference system starts, the plane scans radio signals in the area of its activity,” RBTH’s source said. “After the detection of frequencies on which enemy aircraft work, the aircraft’s operator switches on interference in the desired range.”

“Electronic warfare (EW) systems integrated into the hardware can also interfere with missiles with optical and infrared homing, and even deviate them from the original flight path,” Dmitry Safonov, military observer for the Izvestiya daily newspaper, told RBTH. November 9, 2016 NIKOLAI LITOVKIN, RBTH



Russia about to receive three Il-22PP electronic warfare aircraft

Russia’s Defense Ministry will receive three Ilyushin Il-22PP electronic countermeasures planes with the advanced Porubshchik electronic warfare and reconnaissance system in the imminent future, Managing Director of the Experimental Machine-Building Plant Alexander Gorbunov said.

The Experimental Machine-Building Plant is the producer of the Il-22PP plane.

“A prototype Il-22PP plane has passed state trials. Recommendations have been made to accept the plane for operation with Russia’s Aerospace Force,” Gorbunov said on the single military hardware acceptance day.

“Russia’s Defense Ministry will receive another two Il-22PP planes in November 2016,” he added.

According to the managing director, the Il-22PP aircraft can counter airborne warning and control system planes, air defense systems and manned and unmanned aircraft.

“The system features frequency selectivity. It does not jam friendly radio electronic systems,” Gorbunov said.

The Il-22PP is an upgraded variant of the Il-20 Coot, which is itself a military version of the Il-18 passenger airplane. It features i.e. an electronic warfare system from R&D Porubshchik. Equipment “Porubschika” operates in the passive search mode, and after the detection of the target sets the direction of interference. Features of the complex allow the radio to drown out a dot of the enemy in a narrow range, without interfering with their radio equipment using the adjacent frequency. Russian Aviaton » Thursday October 27, 2016




OKB Illyshin
Air recognition and radio jamming airplane
2+5 (system operator)
Power h.p
4 x 4.252
Length, m
Height, m
Wing span, m
Wing area, m2
– Empty aircraft, kg
– Normal take-off, kg
– Internal fuel, kg
Maximum take-off, kg
Maximum speed, km/h
Cruising speed, km/h
Service ceiling, m
Range, km
Combat range, km



General characteristics

  • Type: Single-shaft turboprop
  • Length: 3,096 mm (121.89 in)
  • Diameter:

Width: 842 mm (33.15 in)
Height:1,180 mm (46.46 in)

  • Dry weight: 1,040 kg (2,293 lb)



  • Compressor: 10 stage axial compressor with 4 bypass valves for starting and transient ratings
  • Combustors: Annular with 10 burner cones
  • Turbine: 3 stage axial flow
  • Oil system: Pressure type feed, fully recirculating


  • Maximum power output: 3,809 kW (5,180 ehp) (take-off); 2,004 kW (2,725 ehp) (cruise)
  • Overall pressure ratio: 7.6:1 (take-off) to 9.2:1 (cruise)
  • Air mass flow: 20.7 kg/s (45.6 lb/s)
  • Turbine inlet temperature: 900 °C (1,652 °F)
  • Specific fuel consumption: 0.271 kg/KW/hr
  • Power-to-weight ratio: 2.8 kW/kg (1.9 hp/lb) (take-off power)

Technical data


Main material source


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