Turkish F16 Fighter Jet Downed by PKK in IRAQ

The Fourth Revolutionary War



A Turkish F16 fighter jet has been downed by Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) guerrillas according to reports.

Turkish fighter jets had been shelling the Qandil region in the Kurdistan Regional Government (Northern Iraq) since 18:51 Thursday evening.

Local sources have reported that one of the fighter jets was downed at around 21:30 local time, as the aerial aggression continued.



QANDIL (KDN) – One of Turkish F-16 fighter jets bombarding Qandil region in South Kurdistan was shot down by Kurdish forces at around 20.30 pm local time on Thursday, Kurdish sources said.

Local sources also confirmed the downing of the jet in Pişta Şanê area Thursday evening while conducting airstrikes against Kurdish forces.

On September 27, a Turkish fighter jet was downed over Gare region near Turkish-South Kurdistan border at around 20.30 pm local time. Although local journalist published footage of the wreckage of the downed Turkish jet, Turkey’s Islamist government claimed all its…

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