Chinese navy Type 054 frigate “Ma’anshan” sudden appearance in #Tartus #Syria

The Type 054 (NATO Codename Jiangkai I) frigate


General characteristics
Type: Frigate
Displacement: 3,900 tons (full)
Length: 134 m (440 ft)(CCTV)
Beam: 16 m (52 ft) (CCTV)
Draught: 5 m (16 ft)
Propulsion: Combined diesel and diesel (CODAD), 4× SEMT Pielstick 16 PA6 STC diesels, 5700 kW (7600+ hp @ 1084 rpm) each
Speed: 27 kn (50 km/h) estimated
Range: 8,025 nautical miles (14,900 km) estimated
Sensors and
processing systems:
·Type 363S (Thomson-CSF DRBV-15 Sea Tiger) 2D air/surface search radar, E/F band

·Type 345 (Thomson-CSF Castor-II) fire-control radar for HQ-7 SAM, I/J band

·Type 347G Rice Lamp fire control radar for AK-630CIWS guns, I-band

·MR-36A surface search radar, I-band

·Type MR34 100 mm gun fire control radar

·2× Racal RM-1290 navigation radars, I-band

·MGK-335 medium frequency active/passive sonar system

·ZKJ-4B/6 (developed from Thomson-CSF TAVITAC) combat data system

·HN-900 Data link (Chinese equivalent of Link 11 A/B, to be upgraded)


Electronic warfare
& decoys:
·Type 922-1 radar warning receiver

·HZ-100 ECM & ELINT system

Armament: ·2× 4-cell YJ-83 (C-803) anti-ship missiles

·1× HQ-7 8-cell SAM launcher

·1× Type 210 100 mm naval gun

·4× AK-630 6-barrel 30 mm CIWS guns

·Triple 324 mm YU-7 ASWtorpedoes

·Rocket launchers, possibly ASW rockets or decoy rockets

Aircraft carried: Kamov Ka-28 ‘Helix’ or Harbin Z-9C
Aviation facilities: hangar


Number Pennant number Name Builder Launched Commissioned Fleet Status
1 525 马鞍山/ Ma’anshan Hudong September 2003 February 2005 East Sea Fleet Active
2 526 温州 / Wenzhou Huangpu November 2003 September 2005 East Sea Fleet Active



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