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Training aircraft production SR-10 will begin at the end of 2017 – Производство учебного самолёта СР-10 начнётся в конце 2017 года

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The first primary trainer aircraft SR-10 for the Russian aerospace forces will be released at the end of 2017, by 2020 it is planned to transfer to the test batch of about 20 vehicles. ToldTASS representative of the design bureau “Modern aviation technologies” ( “CAT”), where he developed the SR-10.

“Production of the first machine is scheduled for the end of 2017. According to the plans of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in 2018-2019 a pilot batch of aircraft, about 20 machines that will be submitted to the state testing should be released. Then start serial production”

– The spokesman said.

According to him, now in trials involved demonstrator of the new aircraft, which exists in a single copy. The test flights are conducted in Kubinka outside Moscow, the first took place in December 2015.

Mass production is expected to establish at the Smolensk aircraft factory that produces light airplanes, including the Yak-18T and SM-92.

“On passing the test plane SR-10 set AI-25TL engine, which stands on the L-39 training aircraft for pilot batch, by the decision of the military department, is also expected to use this engine.”, – Said the source.

“The most important thing – the engines in the reserve is sufficient to ensure the park aircraft SR-10 over the next few years”, – he said.

Developers SR-10 emphasizes that the AI-25TL showed its reliability during many years of operation, at the same time it has a fairly high performance and mastered in operating organizations.

“However, together with the” Saturn “for more than two years worked out the installation to SR-10, the new engine AL-55I, entirely produced in Russia, which has a modern digital control system, less weight with the same thrust, the application of new powertrains aircraft systems , “- said the representative of the design bureau.

CP 10 – a training jet with forward-swept wing (angle of -10 degrees), which is planned to be used during the initial courses of flight schools.Machine weight is a little more than three tons, a top speed of 800 km / h. Alternative arrangement of the wing and the special “nodules” on the body allow the CP-10 to avoid stalling into a tailspin. This aircraft can perform almost all the stunts, except those that require supermaneuverability, and can take off like a concrete and unpaved lanes.

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